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ILC edition 2
Expanded class iac

    broader class

          iac /iɛʃa/           volcanism; volcanic activity  [volcanology]
          iace /iɛʃe/                eruption
          iacem /iɛʃema/                     magmatic eruption
          iacema /iɛʃemɛ/                          Hawaiian eruption
          iacemd /iɛʃemada/                          Strombolian eruption
          iacemɭ /iɛʃemala/                          Vulcanian eruption
          iacemp /iɛʃemapa/                          Peléan eruption; pyroclastic flow; nuée ardente
          iacemv /iɛʃemava/                          Plinian eruption; Vesuvian eruprion
          iacep /iɛʃepa/                     phreatomagmatic eruption
          iaceph /iɛʃepaɣa/                          Surtseyan eruption; hydrovolcanic eruption
          iacepm /iɛʃepama/                          submarine eruption
          iaceps /iɛʃepasa/                          subglacial eruption
          iacer /iɛʃera/                     phreatic eruption
          iaci /iɛʃi/                intrusion
          iacx /iɛʃaxa/                fractional crystallization
Connected classes:
  ⌕        idgo                obsidian  ↞ iacem 
  ⌕        ig      magma  ↞ iacem 
  ⌕        jdc           volcanic mountains  ↞ iac 
  ⌕        jsɭc                volcanic lakes  ↞ iac 
  ⌕        jwo           volcanic islands  ↞ iac 

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