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ILC edition 2
Expanded class hU

    broader class

          hU /ɣuj/      the Earth  ↞ hpU solar planets   ≈ DDC 525
          hUa /ɣujɛ/           Earth structural layers  ↞ hpt terrestrial planets
          hUac /ɣujɛʃa/                inner core
          hUae /ɣujɛe/                outer core
          hUagWɭa /ɣujɛgawawlɛ/                mantle
          hUag /ɣujɛga/                lower mantle
          hUai /ɣujɛi/                asthenosphere
          hUaɭ /ɣujɛla/                lithosphere
          hUaɭa /ɣujɛlɛ/                     upper mantle; lithospheric mantle
          hUaɭm /ɣujɛlama/                     Moho; Mohorovičić discontinuity
          hUaɭrW /ɣujɛlarawaw/                     crust  ↞ i rocks
          hUaɭrc /ɣujɛlaraʃa/                          continental crust; sial
          hUaɭro /ɣujɛlaro/                          oceanic crust; sima
          hUao /ɣujɛo/                surface
          hUap /ɣujɛpa/                atmosphere
          hUapb /ɣujɛpaba/                     troposphere
          hUape /ɣujɛpe/                     stratosphere
          hUapm /ɣujɛpama/                     mesosphere
          hUapt /ɣujɛpata/                     thermosphere
          hUapx /ɣujɛpaxa/                     exosphere
Connected classes:
  ⌕        i927  [hUa]                from structural layer
  ⌕        it      tectonic plates  [plate tectonics]  ↞ hUal 
  ⌕        itt           plates of the Earth  ↞ hU 
  ⌕        jU      regions of the contemporary Earth  ↞ js hU 
  ⌕        jUbWv           Earth continents; landmasses  ↞ hUalrc 
  ⌕        jak           weather  [meteorology]  ↞ hUap 
  ⌕        jdU           mountain ranges of contemporary Earth  ↞ hU 

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