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ILC edition 2
Expanded class ft

    broader class

          ft /fata/      proteins  ↞ fno amino acids
          ftU /fatuj/           common proteins
          ftUDWL /fatujdawwawlaw/                enzymes  ↞ ftay enzymes
          ftUD /fatujdaw/                oxidoreductases
          ftUF /fatujfaw/                transferases
          ftUH /fatujɣaw/                hydrolases
          ftUİ /fatujiw/                lyases
          ftUJ /fatujʒaw/                isomerases
          ftUL /fatujlaw/                ligases
          ftUMWP /fatujmawwawpaw/                cell signaling and ligand binding proteins
          ftUM /fatujmaw/                transmembrane proteins
          ftUN /fatujnaw/                insulin
          ftUO /fatujow/                antibodies
          ftUP /fatujpaw/                haemoglobin
          ftUQWT /fatujcawwawtaw/                structural proteins  ↞ ftau structural proteins
          ftUQ /fatujcaw/                collagen
          ftUR /fatujraw/                keratin
          ftUS /fatujsaw/                myosin
          ftUT /fatujtaw/                actin
          ftX /fataxaw/           protein fold classes
          ftab /fatɛba/                protein synthesis
          ftad /fatɛda/                protein degradation
          ftar /fatɛra/                protein structures; folding
          ftarb /fatɛraba/                     protein primary structures
          ftarc /fatɛraʃa/                     protein secondary structures
          ftard /fatɛrada/                     protein tertiary structures
          ftare /fatɛre/                     protein quaternary structures; subunits
          ftau /fatɛu/                structural proteins
          ftay /fatɛɟa/                enzymes
          ftb /fataba/           all alpha proteins domains consisting of α-helices
          ftbzb /fatabazaba/           all beta proteins domains consisting of β-sheets
          ftc /fataʃa/           alpha and beta proteins (a/b) mainly parallel beta sheets
          ftd /fatada/           alpha and beta proteins (a+b) mainly antiparallel beta sheets
          fte /fate/           multi-domain proteins
          ftf /fatafa/           membrane and cell surface proteins and peptides
          ftg /fataga/           small proteins
          fth /fataɣa/           coiled-coil proteins
          fti /fati/           low resolution protein structures
          ftj /fataʒa/           peptides
          ftk /fataka/           designed proteins
Connected classes:
  ⌕        ftUDWL                enzymes  ↞ ftay 
  ⌕        ftUQWT                structural proteins  ↞ ftau 
  ⌕        ɭafmk                     protein catabolism  ↞ ft 
  ⌕        vq      cooking; cuisine  [cookery; food science]  ↞ fo fp ft osk 

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