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ILC edition 2
Expanded class fh

    broader class

          fhWu /faɣawawu/      organic compounds  [organic chemistry]  ≈ DDC 547
          fh /faɣa/      hydrocarbons  ↞ eco carbon ebb hydrogen
          fhcWd /faɣaʃawawda/           saturated hydrocarbons
          fhcWh /faɣaʃawawɣa/           aliphatic hydrocarbons; acyclic hydrocarbons
          fhc /faɣaʃa/           alkanes; paraffins
          fhcb /faɣaʃaba/                methane; CH4
          fhcc /faɣaʃaʃa/                ethane; C2H6
          fhcd /faɣaʃada/                propane; C3H8
          fhce /faɣaʃe/                butanes; C4H10
          fhceb /faɣaʃeba/                     n-butane
          fhcec /faɣaʃeʃa/                     isobutane; methylpropane
          fhcf /faɣaʃafa/                pentanes; C5H12
          fhcfb /faɣaʃafaba/                     n-pentane
          fhcfc /faɣaʃafaʃa/                     isopentane; methylbutane
          fhcfd /faɣaʃafada/                     neopentane; dimethylpropane
          fhcg /faɣaʃaga/                hexanes; C6H14
          fhch /faɣaʃaɣa/                heptanes; C7H16
          fhci /faɣaʃi/                octanes; C8H18
          fhd /faɣada/           cycloalkanes; cyclic alkanes; naphthenes
          fhdd /faɣadada/                cyclopropane
          fhde /faɣade/                cyclobutane
          fhdf /faɣadafa/                cyclopentane
          fheWf /faɣewawfa/           unsaturated hydrocarbons
          fhe /faɣe/           alkenes; olefins
          fheai /faɣeɛi/                     vinyl group; ethenyl; -CH=CH2
          fheaɭ /faɣeɛla/                     allyl group; -CH2-CH=CH2
          fhec /faɣeʃa/                ethylene; ethene; C2H4
          fhf /faɣafa/           dienes; diolefins
          fhg /faɣaga/           alkynes; acetylenes
          fhgc /faɣagaʃa/                acetylene; ethyne; C2H2
          fhm /faɣama/           annulenes; conjugated monocyclic hydrocarbons
          fhme /faɣame/                cyclobutadiene
          fhmg /faɣamaga/                benzene; benzol; C6H6
          fhmgaf /faɣamagɛfa/                          phenyl group; phenyl ring
          fhmi /faɣami/                cyclooctatetraene
          fhp /faɣapa/           polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons; polyaromatic hydrocarbons; polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons; PAHs
          fhpk /faɣapaka/                naphthalene; C10H8
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