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ILC edition 2
Expanded class eao

    broader class

          eao /eɛo/           orbitals; electronic clouds  ≈ DDC 539
          eaoX /eɛoxaw/                 principal quantum number; n
          eaoXX /eɛoxawxaw/                      azimuthal quantum number; angular momentum; l
          eaoXXX /eɛoxawxawxaw/                           magnetic quantum number; orientation; m
          eaoXXXX /eɛoxawxawxawxaw/                                spin quantum number; s
          eaoXXXXm /eɛoxawxawxawxawma/                                    s=-1/2
          eaoXXXXp /eɛoxawxawxawxawpa/                                    s=+1/2
          eaoXXXm /eɛoxawxawxawma/                               -1/2
          eaoXXXp /eɛoxawxawxawpa/                               +1/2
          eaoXXk /eɛoxawxawka/                          -4
          eaoXXɭ /eɛoxawxawla/                          -3
          eaoXXm /eɛoxawxawma/                          -2
          eaoXXn /eɛoxawxawna/                          -1
          eaoXXo /eɛoxawxawo/                          0
          eaoXXp /eɛoxawxawpa/                          +1
          eaoXXq /eɛoxawxawca/                          +2
          eaoXXr /eɛoxawxawra/                          +3
          eaoXXs /eɛoxawxawsa/                          +4
          eaoXb /eɛoxawba/                     s orbitals; sharp; l=0
          eaoXc /eɛoxawʃa/                     p orbitals; principal; l=1
          eaoXd /eɛoxawda/                     d orbitals; diffuse; l=2
          eaoXf /eɛoxawfa/                     f orbitals; fundamental; l=3
          eaoXg /eɛoxawga/                     g orbitals; l=4
          eaoXh /eɛoxawɣa/                     h orbitals; l=5
          eaoXi /eɛoxawi/                     i orbitals; l=6
          eaob /eɛoba/                level 1 orbitals; n=1
          eaobb /eɛobaba/                     1s subshell
          eaoc /eɛoʃa/                level 2 orbitals; n=2
          eaocb /eɛoʃaba/                     2s subshell
          eaocc /eɛoʃaʃa/                     2p subshell
          eaoccn /eɛoʃaʃana/                          m=-1
          eaocco /eɛoʃaʃo/                          m=0
          eaoccp /eɛoʃaʃapa/                          m=+1
          eaod /eɛoda/                level 3 orbitals; n=3
          eaoe /eɛoe/                level 4 orbitals; n=4
          eaof /eɛofa/                level 5 orbitals; n=5
          eaog /eɛoga/                level 6 orbitals; n=6
          eaoh /eɛoɣa/                level 7 orbitals; n=7
Connected classes:
  ⌕        e97  [eao]           with component

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