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ILC edition 2
Expanded class darl

    broader class

          darɭ /dɛrala/                electromagnetic radiation  [electromagnetism]  ↞ dgp photons
          darɭ97 /dɛralaɲɔjɔ/  [darla]                          with component
          darɭ98 /dɛralaɲɔrkɔ/  [an]                          of brightness; intensity; amplitude  
          darɭX /dɛralaxaw/                      electromagnetic radiation by frequency; wavelength
          darɭae /dɛralɛe/                          electric field
          darɭam /dɛralɛma/                          magnetic field
          darɭc /dɛralaʃa/                     gamma rays
          darɭh /dɛralaɣa/                     X-rays
          darɭj /dɛralaʒa/                     ultraviolet rays
          darɭɭ /dɛralala/                     visible light; colours; colors  [optics]
          darɭɭb /dɛralalaba/                          black
          darɭɭc /dɛralalaʃa/                          violet
          darɭɭe /dɛralale/                          blue
          darɭɭg /dɛralalaga/                          cyan
          darɭɭi /dɛralali/                          green
          darɭɭɭ /dɛralalala/                          yellow
          darɭɭo /dɛralalo/                          orange
          darɭɭr /dɛralalara/                          red
          darɭɭy /dɛralalaɟa/                          white
          darɭn /dɛralana/                     infrared rays; infrared radiation
          darɭr /dɛralara/                     radio waves
          darɭrc /dɛralaraʃa/                          extremely high frequency; EHF
          darɭre /dɛralare/                          super high frequency; SHF
          darɭrg /dɛralaraga/                          ultra high frequency; UHF
          darɭri /dɛralari/                          very high frequency; VHF
          darɭrk /dɛralaraka/                          high frequency; HF
          darɭrm /dɛralarama/                          medium frequency; MF
          darɭro /dɛralaro/                          low frequency; LF
          darɭrq /dɛralaraca/                          very low frequency; VLF
          darɭrs /dɛralarasa/                          ultra low frequency; ULF
          darɭru /dɛralaru/                          super low frequency; SLF
          darɭrw /dɛralarawa/                          extremely low frequency; ELF
Connected classes:
  ⌕        8569  [darll]                 colour
  ⌕        dami                radiant energy  ↞ darl 
  ⌕        damɭ                electric energy  ↞ darl 
  ⌕        darɭ97  [darla]                          with component
  ⌕        faeah                     photochemical  [photochemistry]  ↞ darll 
  ⌕        g96  [darll]            colour
  ⌕        ib997  [darll]                      streak
  ⌕        ib998  [darll]                      colour
  ⌕        oasd                sight; vision  ↞ darll mqaooe 
  ⌕        oase                electroception; electroreception  ↞ darl 

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