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ILC edition 2
Expanded class daf

    broader class

          daf /dɛfa/           fundamental interactions; fundamental forces  [theory of everything; grand unified theory; GUT]
          dafg /dɛfaga/                gravitation; gravity  [general relativity; GR]
          dafɭWn /dɛfalawawna/                electroweak interaction
          dafɭWs /dɛfalawawsa/                QCD-electroweak interaction; electrostrong interaction
          dafɭ /dɛfala/                electromagnetic interaction; electromagnetic field; EMR  [quantum electrodynamics; QED]
          dafn /dɛfana/                weak interaction; weak nuclear force  [electroweak theory]
          dafs /dɛfasa/                strong interaction; strong nuclear force  [quantum chromodynamics; QCD]
Connected classes:
  ⌕        d93  [daf]           attracted by fundamental interaction; force
  ⌕        damg                gravitational energy  ↞ dafg 
  ⌕        dv      hadrons  ↞ dq dafs 
  ⌕        g93  [daf]           subjected to kind of force  [dynamics]
  ⌕        ggWɭ93  [daf]      subjected to force  [fluid dynamics]
  ⌕        japrs                     slope movement; mass movement; mass wasting  ↞ dafg 

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