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ILC edition 2
Expanded class bp

    broader class

          bp /bapa/      processes; occurrents; changes  [dynamics]  
          bp5 /bapalpɔ/           becoming; changing into
          bpa /bapɛ/           stages
          bpai /bapɛi/                beginning; start
          bpak /bapɛka/                first stages
          bpam /bapɛma/                developing
          bpan /bapɛna/                young
          bpap /bapɛpa/                apex
          bpaq /bapɛca/                decline
          bpar /bapɛra/                end
          bpc /bapaʃa/           continuants; objects; things
          bpe /bape/           states
          bpo /bapo/           continued events; durative events
          bpoc /bapoʃa/                stochastic changes  
          bpoh /bapoɣa/                homeostasis; negative feedbacks; previous equilibria  
          bpoɭ /bapola/                cycles; oscillations; repetition; periodicity
          bpon /bapona/                attractions; moves to attractor; new equilibrium
          bpop /bapopa/                positive feedbacks  
          bpv /bapava/           events; concluded events; done perfect
Connected classes:
  ⌕        065           theorized as path; process  ↞ bp 
  ⌕        15      every period; rhythm; temporal aspect  ↞ bpol 
  ⌕        388           tending towards; regulating to equilibrium; homeostasis; health  ↞ bpoh 
  ⌕        57      at stage; step; phase  ↞ bpa 
  ⌕        awiag  [bpa]                     integration stages
  ⌕        h91  [bpa]           at evolutionary stage
  ⌕        hɭ91  [bpa]                at evolutionary stage
  ⌕        mas           growth stages; developmental stages  [ontogeny; embryology]  ↞ bpa 
  ⌕        n957  [bpa]                at evolutionary stage  [evolutionary biology]
  ⌕        nat           extinction  ↞ bpar 
  ⌕        ny957  [bpa]                     at development stage; growth stage; age
  ⌕        raɭ           rites; practices; worship; uses; habits; ceremonies; liturgies; divine service  ↞ bp 
  ⌕        sas           social events  ↞ bp 
  ⌕        vman                healing stages  ↞ bp 
  ⌕        vmar                therapies; healing; treatments; assistance  ↞ bp 

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