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ILC edition 2
Expanded class bcca

          bccac /baʃaʃɛʃa/                     cyclic
          bccad /baʃaʃɛda/                     equilateral
          bccae /baʃaʃɛe/                     equiangle
          bccaf /baʃaʃɛfa/                     isogonal; vertex-transitive
          bccag /baʃaʃɛga/                     tangential
          bccah /baʃaʃɛɣa/                     regular
          bccak /baʃaʃɛka/                     centroid
          bccan /baʃaʃɛna/                     angles
          bccani /baʃaʃɛni/                          interior angles
          bccanx /baʃaʃɛnaxa/                          exterior angles
          bccar /baʃaʃɛra/                     vertices; corners
          bccarb /baʃaʃɛraba/                          vertex A
          bccarc /baʃaʃɛraʃa/                          vertex B
          bccard /baʃaʃɛrada/                          vertex C
          bccas /baʃaʃɛsa/                     edges; sides
          bccasb /baʃaʃɛsaba/                          edge AB
          bccasc /baʃaʃɛsaʃa/                          edge BC
          bccax /baʃaʃɛxa/                     convexity
          bccaxaWn /baʃaʃɛxɛwawna/                          simple
          bccaxa /baʃaʃɛxɛ/                          concave
          bccaxn /baʃaʃɛxana/                          convex  [convex geometry; discrete geometry]
          bccaxs /baʃaʃɛxasa/                          star-shaped
          bccaxt /baʃaʃɛxata/                          self-intersecting
          bccaxy /baʃaʃɛxaɟa/                          complex
Connected classes:
  ⌕        bcc96  [bcca]                      regularity
  ⌕        bcc99  [bccax]                      convexity
  ⌕        bccde                     equilateral triangles  ↞ bccae 
  ⌕        bccetph                               rhombuses; lozanges; diamonds  ↞ bccad 
  ⌕        bccetpr                               rectangles  ↞ bccae 
  ⌕        bccetprs                                    squares  ↞ bccad 

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