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ILC edition 2
Expanded class bb

    broader class

          bb /baba/      time  [chronology]
          bb98 /babaɲɔrkɔ/  [an]                lasting s duration
          bbX /babaxaw/  [an]            time years
          bbY /babaɟaw/           present, past and future  ↞ an quantities
          bbYc /babaɟawʃa/                the past
          bbYn /babaɟawna/                now; present time  ↞ bbxprsvxw present day
          bbYu /babaɟawu/                the future
          bbb /bababa/           Big Bang time; Planck epoch
          bbs /babasa/           hundreds of thousands years
          bbsrv /babasarava/                     Cosmic Dark Age beginning; 370;000 years
          bbv /babava/           hundreds of millions years
          bbvu /babavu/                Renaissance of the Universe; visible light domination beginning; 600 M years
          bbw /babawa/           billions years
          bbwp /babawapa/                Galaxy Epoch beginning; 1 G years
          bbws /babawasa/                Hadean Eon; Nectarian Era; 4;500 to 4;000 Ma
          bbwu /babawu/                Acceleration; dark energy domination beginning; 6 G years
          bbwx /babawaxa/                Solar Era; Solar System formation time; 9 G years
          bbx /babaxa/           more than billions years
          bbxb /babaxaba/                tens of billions years
          bbxbp /babaxabapa/                     Archean Eon; origins of life and plate tectonics; 13.4 to 13.55 billion years; 4;000 Ma
          bbxbq /babaxabaca/                     Proterozoic; 2;500 to 500 Ma
          bbxpr /babaxapara/                     13 billions years
          bbxprs /babaxaparasa/                          Phanerozoic; 500 Ma to present
          bbxprsv /babaxaparasava/                               13.7 billions years
          bbxprsvx /babaxaparasavaxa/                                    13.79 billions years
          bbxprsvxw /babaxaparasavaxawa/                                    present day; 13.798 billions years  
Connected classes:
  ⌕        bbYn                now; present time  ↞ bbxprsvxw 
  ⌕        ias           eras  [geochronology; stratigraphy]  ↞ bbx 
  ⌕        rab           historical periods; times; epochs  ↞ iasgh bbxprsvxw 

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