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ILC edition 2
Expanded class b

    broader class

          bWo /bawawo/ nature s.s.  [natural sciences]  ≈ DDC 500
          b /ba/ spacetime; space-time continuum; events; pacha  ↞ alo groups   ≈ DDC 530.1
          bY /baɟaw/      present; here and now
          bYb /baɟawba/           this; here proximal
          bYd /baɟawda/           that; there distal
          bYt /baɟawta/           that yonder
          bb /baba/      time  [chronology]
          bb98 /babaɲɔrkɔ/  [an]                lasting s duration
          bbX /babaxaw/  [an]            time years
          bbY /babaɟaw/           present, past and future  ↞ an quantities
          bbYc /babaɟawʃa/                the past
          bbYn /babaɟawna/                now; present time  ↞ bbxprsvxw present day
          bbYu /babaɟawu/                the future
          bbb /bababa/           Big Bang time; Planck epoch
          bbs /babasa/           hundreds of thousands years
          bbsrv /babasarava/                     Cosmic Dark Age beginning; 370;000 years
          bbv /babava/           hundreds of millions years
          bbvu /babavu/                Renaissance of the Universe; visible light domination beginning; 600 M years
          bbw /babawa/           billions years
          bbwp /babawapa/                Galaxy Epoch beginning; 1 G years
          bbws /babawasa/                Hadean Eon; Nectarian Era; 4;500 to 4;000 Ma
          bbwu /babawu/                Acceleration; dark energy domination beginning; 6 G years
          bbwx /babawaxa/                Solar Era; Solar System formation time; 9 G years
          bbx /babaxa/           more than billions years
          bbxb /babaxaba/                tens of billions years
          bbxbp /babaxabapa/                     Archean Eon; origins of life and plate tectonics; 13.4 to 13.55 billion years; 4;000 Ma
          bbxbq /babaxabaca/                     Proterozoic; 2;500 to 500 Ma
          bbxpr /babaxapara/                     13 billions years
          bbxprs /babaxaparasa/                          Phanerozoic; 500 Ma to present
          bbxprsv /babaxaparasava/                               13.7 billions years
          bbxprsvx /babaxaparasavaxa/                                    13.79 billions years
          bbxprsvxw /babaxaparasavaxawa/                                    present day; 13.798 billions years  
          bc /baʃa/      space; extension  [geometry; algebraic geometry; topology]  ↞ ak spaces   ≈ DDC 514 516
          bcX /baʃaxaw/           dimensions  ↞ ann units
          bcap /baʃɛpa/                points
          bcb /baʃaba/           straight lines; one-dimensional space
          bcb98 /baʃabaɲɔrkɔ/  [an]                     long m length
          bcbas /baʃabɛsa/                     segments
          bcc /baʃaʃa/           surfaces; two-dimensional space; 2D
          bcc96 /baʃaʃaɲɔltɔ/  [bcca]                      regularity
          bcc98 /baʃaʃaɲɔrkɔ/  [an]                     large m² area
          bcc99 /baʃaʃaɲɔɲɔ/  [bccax]                      convexity
          bccX /baʃaʃaxaw/  [an]                 number of sides; edges
          bccac /baʃaʃɛʃa/                     cyclic
          bccad /baʃaʃɛda/                     equilateral
          bccae /baʃaʃɛe/                     equiangle
          bccaf /baʃaʃɛfa/                     isogonal; vertex-transitive
          bccag /baʃaʃɛga/                     tangential
          bccah /baʃaʃɛɣa/                     regular
          bccak /baʃaʃɛka/                     centroid
          bccan /baʃaʃɛna/                     angles
          bccani /baʃaʃɛni/                          interior angles
          bccanx /baʃaʃɛnaxa/                          exterior angles
          bccar /baʃaʃɛra/                     vertices; corners
          bccarb /baʃaʃɛraba/                          vertex A
          bccarc /baʃaʃɛraʃa/                          vertex B
          bccard /baʃaʃɛrada/                          vertex C
          bccas /baʃaʃɛsa/                     edges; sides
          bccasb /baʃaʃɛsaba/                          edge AB
          bccasc /baʃaʃɛsaʃa/                          edge BC
          bccax /baʃaʃɛxa/                     convexity
          bccaxaWn /baʃaʃɛxɛwawna/                          simple
          bccaxa /baʃaʃɛxɛ/                          concave
          bccaxn /baʃaʃɛxana/                          convex  [convex geometry; discrete geometry]
          bccaxs /baʃaʃɛxasa/                          star-shaped
          bccaxt /baʃaʃɛxata/                          self-intersecting
          bccaxy /baʃaʃɛxaɟa/                          complex
          bccb /baʃaʃaba/                plane curves
          bccb98 /baʃaʃabaɲɔrkɔ/  [aq]                          with equation  [differential geometry; differential topology]
          bccbam /baʃaʃabɛma/                          smooth
          bccbc /baʃaʃabaʃa/                     circles
          bccbe /baʃaʃabe/                     ellipses
          bccbf /baʃaʃabafa/                     parabolas; parabolae
          bccbh /baʃaʃabaɣa/                     hyperbolas; hyperbolae
          bccc /baʃaʃaʃa/                angles degrees  [trigonometry]
          bccc96 /baʃaʃaʃaɲɔltɔ/  [bccca]                           trigonometric function
          bccca /baʃaʃaʃɛ/                     trigonometric functions
          bcccab /baʃaʃaʃɛba/                          sine
          bcccac /baʃaʃaʃɛʃa/                          cosine
          bcccae /baʃaʃaʃɛe/                          tangent
          bcccag /baʃaʃaʃɛga/                          cotangent
          bcccah /baʃaʃaʃɛɣa/                          secant
          bcccai /baʃaʃaʃɛi/                          cosecant
          bcccaɭ /baʃaʃaʃɛla/                          arcsine
          bcccam /baʃaʃaʃɛma/                          arccosine
          bcccan /baʃaʃaʃɛna/                          arctangent
          bcccao /baʃaʃaʃɛo/                          arccotangent
          bcccap /baʃaʃaʃɛpa/                          arcsecant
          bcccaq /baʃaʃaʃɛca/                          arccosecant
          bcccb /baʃaʃaʃaba/                     0 to 15 degrees
          bcccbb /baʃaʃaʃababa/                          0 degrees
          bcccc /baʃaʃaʃaʃa/                     15 to 30 degrees
          bcccd /baʃaʃaʃada/                     30 to 45 degrees
          bccce /baʃaʃaʃe/                     45 to 60 degrees
          bcccf /baʃaʃaʃafa/                     60 to 75 degrees
          bcccg /baʃaʃaʃaga/                     75 to 90 degrees
          bccch /baʃaʃaʃaɣa/                     90 to 105 degrees
          bccchb /baʃaʃaʃaɣaba/                          right angle; 90
          bccci /baʃaʃaʃi/                     105 to 120 degrees
          bcccj /baʃaʃaʃaʒa/                     120 to 135 degrees
          bccck /baʃaʃaʃaka/                     135 to 150 degrees
          bcccɭ /baʃaʃaʃala/                     150 to 165 degrees
          bcccm /baʃaʃaʃama/                     165 to 180 degrees
          bcccn /baʃaʃaʃana/                     180 to 195 degrees
          bcccnb /baʃaʃaʃanaba/                          straight angle; 180
          bccco /baʃaʃaʃo/                     195 to 210 degrees
          bcccp /baʃaʃaʃapa/                     210 to 225 degrees
          bcccq /baʃaʃaʃaca/                     225 to 240 degrees
          bcccr /baʃaʃaʃara/                     240 to 255 degrees
          bcccs /baʃaʃaʃasa/                     255 to 270 degrees
          bccct /baʃaʃaʃata/                     270 to 285 degrees
          bcccu /baʃaʃaʃu/                     285 to 300 degrees
          bcccv /baʃaʃaʃava/                     300 to 315 degrees
          bcccw /baʃaʃaʃawa/                     315 to 330 degrees
          bcccx /baʃaʃaʃaxa/                     330 to 345 degrees
          bcccy /baʃaʃaʃaɟa/                     345 to 360 degrees
          bcccyp /baʃaʃaʃaɟapa/                          round angle; full circle; 360
          bccdWs /baʃaʃadawawsa/                polygons
          bccd /baʃaʃada/                triangles
          bccdam /baʃaʃadɛma/                          acute-angled
          bccdan /baʃaʃadɛna/                          right-angled; rectangled
          bccdao /baʃaʃadɛo/                          obtuse-angled
          bccde /baʃaʃade/                     equilateral triangles  ↞ bccae equiangle
          bccdi /baʃaʃadi/                     isosceles triangles
          bccds /baʃaʃadasa/                     scalene triangles
          bcce /baʃaʃe/                quadrangles; quadrilaterals; tetragons
          bcceU /baʃaʃeuj/                     squares  ↞ bccetprs squares
          bccet /baʃaʃeta/                     trapeziums; trapezoids
          bccetp /baʃaʃetapa/                          parallelograms
          bccetph /baʃaʃetapaɣa/                               rhombuses; lozanges; diamonds  ↞ bccad equilateral
          bccetpr /baʃaʃetapara/                               rectangles  ↞ bccae equiangle
          bccetpro /baʃaʃetaparo/                                    oblongs
          bccetprs /baʃaʃetaparasa/                                    squares  ↞ bccad equilateral
          bccf /baʃaʃafa/                pentagons
          bccg /baʃaʃaga/                hexagons
          bcch /baʃaʃaɣa/                heptagons
          bcci /baʃaʃi/                octagons
          bccj /baʃaʃaʒa/                enneagons; nonagons
          bcck /baʃaʃaka/                decagons
          bccɭ /baʃaʃala/                hendecagons; undecagons
          bccm /baʃaʃama/                dodecagons; duodecagons
          bccn /baʃaʃana/                tridecagons; triskaidecagons
          bcco /baʃaʃo/                tetradecagons; tetrakaidecagons
          bccp /baʃaʃapa/                pentadecagons; pentakaidecagons
          bccq /baʃaʃaca/                hexadecagons; hexakaidecagons
          bccr /baʃaʃara/                heptadecagons; heptakaidecagons  
          bccs /baʃaʃasa/  [an]                polygons with more than 17 edges
          bccsoqo /baʃaʃasoco/  ⋄                               icosagons
          bcd /baʃada/           solids; three-dimensional space; 3D
          bcd98 /baʃadaɲɔrkɔ/  [an]                     amounting to m³; big/small size; volume
          bcd987 /baʃadaɲɔrkɔjɔ/  [an]                          deep m depth
          bcd988 /baʃadaɲɔrkɔrkɔ/  [an]                          high m height
          bcd989 /baʃadaɲɔrkɔɲɔ/  [an]                          wide m width
          bcdU /baʃaduj/                cubes  ↞ bcdhfpc cubes
          bcdar /baʃadɛra/                     solid vertices
          bcdas /baʃadɛsa/                     solid edges
          bcdat /baʃadɛta/                     solid faces
          bcdau /baʃadɛu/                     solid surfaces
          bcdh /baʃadaɣa/                polyhedra; polyhedrons
          bcdhd /baʃadaɣada/                     tetrahedra; tetrahedrons; triangular pyramids
          bcdhe /baʃadaɣe/                     pentahedra; pentahedrons
          bcdhf /baʃadaɣafa/                     hexahedra; hexahedrons
          bcdhfp /baʃadaɣafapa/                          parallelepipeds
          bcdhfpc /baʃadaɣafapaʃa/                               cubes
          bcdy /baʃadaɟa/                spheres
          bcdyau /baʃadaɟɛu/                          spherical surfaces
          bce /baʃe/           four-dimensional space; tetradimensional space
          bp /bapa/      processes; occurrents; changes  [dynamics]  
          bp5 /bapalpɔ/           becoming; changing into
          bpa /bapɛ/           stages
          bpai /bapɛi/                beginning; start
          bpak /bapɛka/                first stages
          bpam /bapɛma/                developing
          bpan /bapɛna/                young
          bpap /bapɛpa/                apex
          bpaq /bapɛca/                decline
          bpar /bapɛra/                end
          bpc /bapaʃa/           continuants; objects; things
          bpe /bape/           states
          bpo /bapo/           continued events; durative events
          bpoc /bapoʃa/                stochastic changes  
          bpoh /bapoɣa/                homeostasis; negative feedbacks; previous equilibria  
          bpoɭ /bapola/                cycles; oscillations; repetition; periodicity
          bpon /bapona/                attractions; moves to attractor; new equilibrium
          bpop /bapopa/                positive feedbacks  
          bpv /bapava/           events; concluded events; done perfect
          bv /bava/      motion  [kinematics]
          bv98 /bavaɲɔrkɔ/  [an]                velocity m/s2; v; speed
          bv982 /bavaɲɔrkɔntɔ/  [jav]                     towards direction
          bv985 /bavaɲɔrkɔlpɔ/  [an]                     acceleration m/s²; a
          bv985b /bavaɲɔrkɔlpɔba/                          deceleration; slow down
          bv985c /bavaɲɔrkɔlpɔʃa/                          steady speed
          bv98c /bavaɲɔrkɔʃa/                     still; stationary
          bvb /bavaba/           linear motion; rectilinear motion
          bvc /bavaʃa/           circular motion  ↞ bccbc circles
          bvh /bavaɣa/           simple harmonic motion; pendulum
          qwɭga{β} /cawalagɛ{&betɛ;}/  ⋄                                    letter β
Connected classes:
  ⌕        065           theorized as path; process  ↞ bp 
  ⌕        15      every period; rhythm; temporal aspect  ↞ bpol 
  ⌕        388           tending towards; regulating to equilibrium; homeostasis; health  ↞ bpoh 
  ⌕        57      at stage; step; phase  ↞ bpa 
  ⌕        89  [bc]       shape
  ⌕        awiag  [bpa]                     integration stages
  ⌕        bbYn                now; present time  ↞ bbxprsvxw 
  ⌕        bcc96  [bcca]                      regularity
  ⌕        bcc99  [bccax]                      convexity
  ⌕        bccc96  [bccca]                           trigonometric function
  ⌕        bccde                     equilateral triangles  ↞ bccae 
  ⌕        bcceU                     squares  ↞ bccetprs 
  ⌕        bccetph                               rhombuses; lozanges; diamonds  ↞ bccad 
  ⌕        bccetpr                               rectangles  ↞ bccae 
  ⌕        bccetprs                                    squares  ↞ bccad 
  ⌕        bcdU                cubes  ↞ bcdhfpc 
  ⌕        bvc           circular motion  ↞ bccbc 
  ⌕        g938  [bv]                 potential energy; motion
  ⌕        g982  [an]                of m3; cubic meters volume  ↞ bd 
  ⌕        g9826  [an]                     of m; meters length  ↞ bcb 
  ⌕        g9827  [an]                     of m2; square meters area  ↞ bc 
  ⌕        h91  [bpa]           at evolutionary stage
  ⌕        h95  [bv]           moving with proper motion  [celestial mechanics]
  ⌕        hɭ91  [bpa]                at evolutionary stage
  ⌕        i926  [bccc]                lying at degrees lying angle
  ⌕        ias           eras  [geochronology; stratigraphy]  ↞ bbx 
  ⌕        ib98  [bd]                 crystal structure; space group; symmetry group
  ⌕        ib988  [bd]                      crystal habit
  ⌕        jax           longitude degrees; primes  ↞ bcdyau 
  ⌕        jay           latitude degrees; primes  ↞ bcdyau 
  ⌕        mas           growth stages; developmental stages  [ontogeny; embryology]  ↞ bpa 
  ⌕        n957  [bpa]                at evolutionary stage  [evolutionary biology]
  ⌕        nam234                          migrating towards  ↞ bv 
  ⌕        nat           extinction  ↞ bpar 
  ⌕        ny957  [bpa]                     at development stage; growth stage; age
  ⌕        rab           historical periods; times; epochs  ↞ iasgh bbxprsvxw 
  ⌕        raɭ           rites; practices; worship; uses; habits; ceremonies; liturgies; divine service  ↞ bp 
  ⌕        sas           social events  ↞ bp 
  ⌕        vman                healing stages  ↞ bp 
  ⌕        vmar                therapies; healing; treatments; assistance  ↞ bp 
  ⌕        yisd                physics  ↞ b c d e g 

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7  with part          +
8  as form            +
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