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ILC edition 2
Expanded class awa

          awad /ɛwɛda/                system dynamics
          awade /ɛwɛde/                     passive reaction
          awadi /ɛwɛdi/                     active action
          awadn /ɛwɛdana/                     change in attitude
          awan /ɛwɛna/                constituents; interchangeable parts
          awao /ɛwɛo/                organs; differentiated parts; sublevels  
          awas /ɛwɛsa/                order states
          awasd /ɛwɛsada/                     order
          awash /ɛwɛsaɣa/                     chaos
          awasm /ɛwɛsama/                     complexity
          awaso /ɛwɛso/                     organization
          awaw /ɛwɛwa/                mechanicity
          awawc /ɛwɛwaʃa/                     reductionistic; mechanical
          awawr /ɛwɛwara/                     emergent
          awawy /ɛwɛwaɟa/                     holistic
Connected classes:
  ⌕        770            mechanicity  ↞ awaw 

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