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ILC edition 2
Expanded class ano

    broader class

          ano /ɛno/           tens; deca-; da-; 10¹
          anoX /ɛnoxaw/  [anad]                 number of tens
          anoo /ɛnojo/                no ten; less than ten
          anop /ɛnopa/                one ten
          anopX /ɛnopaxaw/  [anad]                      number of units beside one ten  
          anopo /ɛnopo/                     10; ten
          anopp /ɛnopapa/                     11; eleven
          anopq /ɛnopaca/                     12; twelve
          anopr /ɛnopara/                     13; thirteen
          anops /ɛnopasa/                     14; fourteen
          anopt /ɛnopata/                     15; fifteen
          anopu /ɛnopu/                     16; sixteen
          anopv /ɛnopava/                     17; seventeen
          anopw /ɛnopawa/                     18; eighteen
          anopx /ɛnopaxa/                     19; nineteen
          anoq /ɛnoca/                two tens
          anoqo /ɛnoco/                     20; twenty
          anoqp /ɛnocapa/                     21
          anoqq /ɛnocaca/                     22
          anoqr /ɛnocara/                     23
          anoqs /ɛnocasa/                     24
          anoqt /ɛnocata/                     25
          anoqu /ɛnocu/                     26
          anoqv /ɛnocava/                     27
          anoqw /ɛnocawa/                     28
          anoqx /ɛnocaxa/                     29
          anor /ɛnora/                three tens
          anos /ɛnosa/                four tens
          anot /ɛnota/                five tens
          anou /ɛnou/                six tens
          anov /ɛnova/                seven tens
          anow /ɛnowa/                eight tens
          anox /ɛnoxa/                nine tens
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