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ILC edition 2
Expanded class ak

    broader class

          ak /ɛka/      spaces
          akc /ɛkaʃa/           vector spaces
          akc97t /ɛkaʃaɲɔjɔta/                          vectors
          akc97uc /ɛkaʃaɲɔjɔuʃa/                               subspaces of vector spaces; hyperplanes
          akcɭ /ɛkaʃala/                algebras
          ake /ɛke/           tensor spaces
          akf /ɛkafa/           affine spaces
          akn /ɛkana/           unitary spaces
          akt /ɛkata/           topological spaces
          akt97t /ɛkataɲɔjɔta/                          elements of topological spaces; points
          akt97u /ɛkataɲɔjɔu/                          subspaces of topological spaces
          aktd /ɛkatada/                discrete topological spaces  [discrete topology]
          aktm /ɛkatama/                metric spaces
          aktp /ɛkatapa/                compact spaces
          akts /ɛkatasa/                separable spaces
          aktso /ɛkataso/                     T0 spaces; Kolmogorov spaces
          aktsp /ɛkatasapa/                     T1 spaces; Fréchet spaces
          aktsq /ɛkatasaca/                     T2 spaces; Hausdorff spaces
          aktsr /ɛkatasara/                     T3 spaces; regular spaces
          aktss /ɛkatasasa/                     T4 spaces; regular Hausdorff spaces
          aktw /ɛkatawa/                manifolds
          aktwd /ɛkatawada/                     differentiable manifolds
          aktwds /ɛkatawadasa/                          smooth manifolds
          aktwr /ɛkatawara/                     Riemannian manifolds
Connected classes:
  ⌕        aauns                     bases  ↞ akc 
  ⌕        bc      space; extension  [geometry; algebraic geometry; topology]  ↞ ak 

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