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ILC edition 2
Expanded class 5

    broader class

          5 /lpɔ/ through; by change; transformation; process  ↞ ag operations   
          50 /lpɔwɔ/       variability; stability; regularity; continuity
          509 /lpɔwɔɲɔ/  [anab]            stability degree
          509f /lpɔwɔɲɔfa/                unstable; changeable; variable
          509u /lpɔwɔɲɔu/                stable
          51 /lpɔmpɔ/      developed through; by history; evolution  ↞ ag operations   
          52 /lpɔntɔ/      within context; milieu; site; seat; venue
          53 /lpɔɲcɔ/      undergoing operation; external action
          54 /lpɔŋkɔ/      overcoming hindrance; obstruction; obstacle; handicap; snag; hitch; holdback
          55 /lpɔlpɔ/      becoming new phenomenon
          55bpe /lpɔlpɔbape/                     static
          55bps /lpɔlpɔbapasa/                     stochastic
          56 /lpɔltɔ/      with; through way; behaviour; course; proceeding
          57 /lpɔjɔ/      at stage; step; phase  ↞ bpa stages
          58 /lpɔrkɔ/      according to path; procedure; checklist; schedule; chart
          59 /lpɔɲɔ/  [os]      doing activity
          5A /lpɔɛw/      thus
          5X /lpɔxaw/      do they undergo...?
          5Y /lpɔɟaw/      undergo
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0  as for perspective +
1  at time            +
2  in place           +
3  by agent           +
4  despite disorder   +
5  with transformation+
6  having property    +
7  with part          +
8  as form            +
9  of kind            +


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