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ILC edition 2
Expanded class 3

    broader class

          3 /ɲcɔ/ by; due to agent; cause; external factor; less affected phenomenon
          30 /ɲcɔwɔ/      for; because of rationale; logical reason; justification
          31 /ɲcɔmpɔ/      evolved from; come from previous stage; origin; background; source; provenance; phylogeny  [phylogenetics]
          32 /ɲcɔntɔ/      native to; of homeland; motherland
          33 /ɲcɔɲcɔ/      made by; determinated; produced; created by creator; author; producer; efficient cause
          337 /ɲcɔɲcɔjɔ/           made with collaborator
          339 /ɲcɔɲcɔɲɔ/  [U]           created by author born in
          34 /ɲcɔŋkɔ/      conflicting with; against contrary element
          35 /ɲcɔlpɔ/      interacting with; communicating with; reciprocally influencing interagent  
          36 /ɲcɔltɔ/      influenced by; exposed to; subjected to factor; side; facet; problem aspect
          37 /ɲcɔjɔ/      by mean; mediator; catalyzer; instrument; tool; equipment
          38 /ɲcɔrkɔ/      for; towards function; goal; purpose; destination; potential; final cause  [teleonomy; teleology]  
          382 /ɲcɔrkɔntɔ/           towards term; aimed point; situation; promised land
          383 /ɲcɔrkɔɲcɔ/           to beneficiary; patient; assistee; addressee
          388 /ɲcɔrkɔrkɔ/           tending towards; regulating to equilibrium; homeostasis; health  ↞ bpoh homeostasis
          39 /ɲcɔɲɔ/  [U]      by author; human agent born in
          3VX /ɲcɔvawxaw/ affected by something
          3VY /ɲcɔvawɟaw/ affected by individual
          3X /ɲcɔxaw/      are they affected by...?
          3Y /ɲcɔɟaw/      are affected by
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0  as for perspective +
1  at time            +
2  in place           +
3  by agent           +
4  despite disorder   +
5  with transformation+
6  having property    +
7  with part          +
8  as form            +
9  of kind            +


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