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ILC edition 2
Expanded class

    broader class

          * /*/ absolute; apeiron; logos; Tao; brahman; dharmakaya the indifferentiated whole; total symmetry; anything  [metaphysics; mysticism]  
          -WW /-wawwaw/ then coordinated class in ordered series
          -WWA /-wawwawɛw/ then coordinated class sharing no letter in ordered ser
          -W /-waw/ spanning to
          -WA /-wawɛw/ and; together with coordinated class sharing no letter; joint class
          -WB /-wawbaw/ and coordinated class sharing one letter
          -WC /-wawʃaw/ and coordinated class sharing two letters
          -WD /-wawdaw/ and coordinated class sharing three letters
          -WE /-wawew/ and coordinated class sharing four letters
          -WF /-wawfaw/ and coordinated class sharing five letters
          -WG /-wawgaw/ and coordinated class sharing six letters
          -WH /-wawɣaw/ and coordinated class sharing seven letters
          -Wİ /-wawiw/ and coordinated class sharing eight letters
          -WJ /-wawʒaw/ and coordinated class sharing nine letters
          -WK /-wawkaw/ and coordinated class sharing ten letters
          -WL /-wawlaw/ and coordinated class sharing eleven letters
          -WM /-wawmaw/ and coordinated class sharing twelve letters
          -WN /-wawnaw/ and coordinated class sharing thirteen letters
          -WO /-wawow/ and coordinated class sharing fourteen letters
          -WP /-wawpaw/ and coordinated class sharing fifteen letters
          -WQ /-wawcaw/ and coordinated class sharing sixteen letters
          -WR /-wawraw/ and coordinated class sharing seventeen letters
          -WS /-wawsaw/ and coordinated class sharing eighteen letters
          -WT /-wawtaw/ and coordinated class sharing nineteen letters
          -We /-wawe/  ⋄ spanning to -e
          -A /-ɛw/      these; present; current demonstrative
          -B /-baw/      first one
          -C /-ʃaw/      second one
          -U /-uj/      those; the typical favoured focus or subclass in the present context
          -UB /-ujbaw/           those first
          -V /-vaw/ all; every universal quantifier; position 0 in chain; facet neutralizer
          -VA /-vawɛw/ position 1 in this chain; facet generalizer
          -VB /-vawbaw/ position 2 in this chain; facet generalizer
          -VC /-vawʃaw/ position 3 in this chain; facet generalizer
          -X /-xaw/      some; unspecified indeterminative
          -Y /-ɟaw/      the; actual; particular determinative; instance; name; proper noun
          -YZ /-ɟawzaw/           it is these which rheme
          -Z /-zaw/      following; the mentioned; that; internal reference; phoric
          -ZA /-zawɛw/           aforementioned; previous anaphoric reference
          0W9 /ɔwawɲɔ/ free facets; common facets
          0W9Y /ɔwawɲɔɟaw/ actually indicative; rheme; comment; focus; new information; copula; existential quantifier  
          0 /ɔ/ as for; relating to perspective; aspect; bias; viewpoint; phase relationship; dimension γ  ↞ ae relations
          00 /ɔwɔ/      as attested in; testified; witnessed; recorded; reported in document; carrier; medium; specimen; knowledge item; dimension δ  ↞ yt documents
          000 /ɔwɔwɔ/           kept in knowledge collection, documentary context; dimension ε  ↞ yv document collections
          0000 /ɔwɔwɔɔ/                relevant to information need; dimension ζ
          00000 /ɔwɔwɔɔwɔ/                     relevant to people; dimension η  ↞ sa 
          0008 /ɔwɔwɔrkɔ/                relevant for collection theme
          0009 /ɔwɔwɔɲɔ/  [yv]                kept in document collections
          0009ɭ /ɔwɔwɔɲɔla/                     libraries
          0009mu /ɔwɔwɔɲɔmu/                          museums
          001 /ɔwɔmpɔ/           published at publication time
          0019 /ɔwɔmpɔɲɔ/  [rab]                published in
          002 /ɔwɔntɔ/           published in publication place
          0029 /ɔwɔntɔɲɔ/  [tt]                published in publication country
          003 /ɔwɔɲcɔ/           by author; creator  ↞ yt93 by
          0032 /ɔwɔɲcɔntɔ/                distributed by distributor  ↞ yt932 distributed by
          0033 /ɔwɔɲcɔɲcɔ/                published by publisher  ↞ yt933 published by
          00337 /ɔwɔɲcɔɲcɔjɔ/                     printed by printer; typographer  ↞ yt9337 printed by
          0035 /ɔwɔɲcɔlpɔ/                translated by translator  ↞ yt935 translated by
          0036 /ɔwɔɲcɔltɔ/                edited by editor  ↞ yt936 edited by
          0037 /ɔwɔɲcɔjɔ/                with contribution by contributing author  ↞ yt937 with contribution by
          0038 /ɔwɔɲcɔrkɔ/                presented to; Festschrift for honoured author  ↞ yt938 presented to
          0039 /ɔwɔɲcɔɲɔ/  [U]                by renowned author
          0039ptuse /ɔwɔɲcɔɲɔpatuse/  ⋄                                    William Shakespeare
          004 /ɔwɔŋkɔ/           corrupted by damage
          005 /ɔwɔlpɔ/           in language  ↞ qv languages   
          0053 /ɔwɔlpɔɲcɔ/                translated from original language  ↞ yt953 translation of
          0056 /ɔwɔlpɔltɔ/                paraphrased from original language  ↞ yt956 paraphrase of
          0058 /ɔwɔlpɔrkɔ/                in literary form  ↞ xl literature
          00586 /ɔwɔlpɔrkɔltɔ/                      style; rhetorical strategy  ↞ qtar styles
          006 /ɔwɔltɔ/           for target; public; educational level  ↞ sai literacy classes spe education services
          007 /ɔwɔjɔ/           including section; issue
          007annp /ɔwɔjɔɛnanapa/  ⋄                               section1; part 1
          008 /ɔwɔrkɔ/           commenting on commented resource  ↞ yt958 commenting
          0083 /ɔwɔrkɔɲcɔ/                building on; developing on; continuing basic resource  ↞ yt9583 building on
          0084 /ɔwɔrkɔŋkɔ/                criticizing; opposing; against criticized resource  ↞ yt9584 criticizing
          0085 /ɔwɔrkɔlpɔ/                answering answered resource  ↞ yt9585 answering
          0086 /ɔwɔrkɔltɔ/                commenting favourably; propaganda of  ↞ yt9586 supporting
          0088 /ɔwɔrkɔrkɔ/                reviewing reviewed resource  ↞ yt9588 reviewing
          009 /ɔwɔɲɔ/  [yt]           in document format
          01 /ɔmpɔ/      as known in epoch  
          019 /ɔmpɔɲɔ/  [rab]           as known in historical period
          02 /ɔntɔ/      as known in locus
          029 /ɔntɔɲɔ/  [tt]           as known in country
          03 /ɔɲcɔ/      as studied by method  
          031 /ɔɲcɔmpɔ/           as studied through step
          032 /ɔɲcɔntɔ/           studied in environment  ↞ yak study environments
          033 /ɔɲcɔɲcɔ/           as studied using source
          037 /ɔɲcɔjɔ/           using tool  ↞ ys34 w artifacts
          038 /ɔɲcɔrkɔ/           taking example; study case; sample; specimen  ↞ ab individuals
          039 /ɔɲcɔɲɔ/  [yam]           as studied by research method
          04 /ɔŋkɔ/      subjected to difficulty; aporia; critics
          05 /ɔlpɔ/      applied to activity field; sphere; domain  
          053 /ɔlpɔɲcɔ/           among discourse community; social domain
          058 /ɔlpɔrkɔ/           for application
          059 /ɔlpɔɲɔ/  [sy]           as known in culture; civilization  
          05spɭ /ɔlpɔsapala/  ⋄                     welfare
          05t /ɔlpɔta/  ⋄           politics
          05u /ɔlpɔu/  ⋄           economy
          05v /ɔlpɔva/  ⋄           technology
          05x /ɔlpɔxa/  ⋄           arts
          05y /ɔlpɔɟa/  ⋄           intellectual activities
          05yae /ɔlpɔɟɛe/  ⋄                     education
          06 /ɔltɔ/      according to theory  ↞ ye theories   
          060 /ɔltɔwɔ/            theory applicability  
          0609 /ɔltɔwɔɲɔ/  [anab]                 theory applicability
          0609e /ɔltɔwɔɲɔe/                     situation-specific; idiographic
          0609i /ɔltɔwɔɲɔi/                     partly generalizable
          0609v /ɔltɔwɔɲɔva/                     highly generalizable; nomothetic
          063 /ɔltɔɲcɔ/  ⋄           ascribed to theorized agent; explanatory phenomenon  
          063an /ɔltɔɲcɔɛna/  ⋄                     numbers; numerology
          063g /ɔltɔɲcɔga/  ⋄                matter; materialism
          063j /ɔltɔɲcɔʒa/  ⋄                natural phenomena
          063p /ɔltɔɲcɔpa/  ⋄                intentional individuals
          063q /ɔltɔɲcɔca/  ⋄                meaning; hermeneutics
          063r /ɔltɔɲcɔra/  ⋄                spirit; spiritualism
          063s /ɔltɔɲcɔsa/  ⋄                organizations
          063w /ɔltɔɲcɔwa/  ⋄                artifacts
          064 /ɔltɔŋkɔ/           theorized as interaction  
          065 /ɔltɔlpɔ/           theorized as path; process  ↞ bp processes   
          066 /ɔltɔltɔ/           theorized as rationale  
          066a /ɔltɔltɔɛ/  ⋄                rationality
          066d /ɔltɔltɔda/  ⋄                inherent nature
          066o /ɔltɔltɔo/  ⋄                intuition
          066r /ɔltɔltɔra/  ⋄                tradition
          066s /ɔltɔltɔsa/  ⋄                rule
          066t /ɔltɔltɔta/  ⋄                authority
          066u /ɔltɔltɔu/  ⋄                negotiation
          068 /ɔltɔrkɔ/           according to model; metaphor
          068mp /ɔltɔrkɔmapa/  ⋄                     plant metaphor
          07 /ɔjɔ/      studied in discipline; field  ↞ yi disciplines
          08 /ɔrkɔ/      illustrated by story; modality  ↞ yaq veracity
          081 /ɔrkɔmpɔ/           as set at time; epoch  ↞ x981 set at
          0810 /ɔrkɔmpɔwɔ/                occurring
          08109 /ɔrkɔmpɔwɔɲɔ/  [anab]                     occurring
          08109f /ɔrkɔmpɔwɔɲɔfa/                          sometimes; occasional; accidental; syntagmatical
          08109y /ɔrkɔmpɔwɔɲɔɟa/                          always; semantical
          082 /ɔrkɔntɔ/           as set in place  ↞ x982 set in
          0829 /ɔrkɔntɔɲɔ/  [tt]                as set in country  ↞ x9829 set in
          083 /ɔrkɔɲcɔ/           as helped by friend character  ↞ x9867 helped by
          084 /ɔrkɔŋkɔ/           as opposed by evil force; enemy  ↞ x9864 opposed by
          085 /ɔrkɔlpɔ/           as narrated in story; plot  ↞ x985 narrating
          086 /ɔrkɔltɔ/           as with character  ↞ x986 with
          088 /ɔrkɔrkɔ/           as looking for quest; mission; objective  ↞ x988 aiming at
          09 /ɔɲɔ/  [qaq]      conveying communicative function; mood  
          0X /ɔxaw/      are they related to...?
          0Y /ɔɟaw/      are related to
          1 /mpɔ/ at position; time; sequential position  ↞ ame posets
          11 /mpɔmpɔ/      before subsequent phenomenon
          114 /mpɔmpɔŋkɔ/           after preceding phenomenon
          114A /mpɔmpɔŋkɔɛw/                in the future
          118 /mpɔmpɔrkɔ/           during; at the same time of contemporary phenomenon
          118A /mpɔmpɔrkɔɛw/                in the present
          11A /mpɔmpɔɛw/           in the past
          12 /mpɔntɔ/      in moment; temporal context
          13 /mpɔɲcɔ/      beginning at; originated at start time
          134 /mpɔɲcɔŋkɔ/           until; ending at end time
          1349 /mpɔɲcɔŋkɔɲɔ/  [rab]                to; until historical time
          139 /mpɔɲcɔɲɔ/  [rab]           from; since historical time
          14 /mpɔŋkɔ/      not at; a long time from other time
          15 /mpɔlpɔ/      every period; rhythm; temporal aspect  ↞ bpol cycles
          159 /mpɔlpɔɲɔ/  [jab]           on week day
          159b /mpɔlpɔɲɔba/  ⋄                Sunday
          16 /mpɔltɔ/      on time property
          169 /mpɔltɔɲɔ/  [jac]           in lunar phase
          17 /mpɔjɔ/      at time
          179 /mpɔjɔɲɔ/  [jae]           at day time
          18 /mpɔrkɔ/      in seasonal period
          189 /mpɔrkɔɲɔ/  [jag]           in month
          19 /mpɔɲɔ/  [rab]      in historical time
          195 /mpɔɲɔlpɔ/           in time phase
          1959 /mpɔɲɔlpɔɲɔ/  [jai]                in season
          199 /mpɔɲɔɲɔ/  [ias]           in age; geological era
          19pU /mpɔɲɔpuj/  ⋄                Middle Ages
          19pxux /mpɔɲɔpaxuxa/  ⋄                          1969
          1A /mpɔɛw/      now; at this point
          1X /mpɔxaw/      are they at...?
          1Y /mpɔɟaw/      are at
          2 /ntɔ/ in; within situation; location; condition; context  ↞ ae relations
          20 /ntɔwɔ/       centrality
          208 /ntɔwɔrkɔ/           in a collection of; series of number of items
          209 /ntɔwɔɲɔ/  [anab]            centrality
          209f /ntɔwɔɲɔfa/                peripheral
          209u /ntɔwɔɲɔu/                central
          21 /ntɔmpɔ/      in position; rank; spatial sequence
          214 /ntɔmpɔŋkɔ/           in front of; before (spatial) place behind
          216 /ntɔmpɔltɔ/           above; upon lower place
          218 /ntɔmpɔrkɔ/           on the left of place on the right
          21annb /ntɔmpɔɛnanaba/                          first
          21any /ntɔmpɔɛnaɟa/                     last
          22 /ntɔntɔ/      near zone; area
          23 /ntɔɲcɔ/      from provenance; origin
          234 /ntɔɲcɔŋkɔ/           towards destination
          237 /ntɔɲcɔjɔ/           from cardinal direction
          24 /ntɔŋkɔ/      away from; outside far place; elsewhere
          25 /ntɔlpɔ/      in regime; climate
          259 /ntɔlpɔɲɔ/  [jal]           in climate
          26 /ntɔltɔ/      in; within environment; niche; context; set; system
          27 /ntɔjɔ/       sector
          279 /ntɔjɔɲɔ/  [jav]           towards cardinal point
          28 /ntɔrkɔ/       relative position
          286 /ntɔrkɔltɔ/            orthogonal relative position
          2869 /ntɔrkɔltɔɲɔ/  [anad]                at altitude Km  ↞ j99 at
          288 /ntɔrkɔrkɔ/            complementary position
          2889 /ntɔrkɔrkɔɲɔ/  [jax]                at longitude degrees
          289 /ntɔrkɔɲɔ/  [jay]           at latitude degrees
          289ju /ntɔrkɔɲɔʒu/  ⋄                     Equator
          29 /ntɔɲɔ/  [tt]      in country
          2A /ntɔɛw/      here; in this condition
          2X /ntɔxaw/      are they in...?
          2Y /ntɔɟaw/      are in
          3 /ɲcɔ/ by; due to agent; cause; external factor; less affected phenomenon
          30 /ɲcɔwɔ/      for; because of rationale; logical reason; justification
          31 /ɲcɔmpɔ/      evolved from; come from previous stage; origin; background; source; provenance; phylogeny  [phylogenetics]
          32 /ɲcɔntɔ/      native to; of homeland; motherland
          33 /ɲcɔɲcɔ/      made by; determinated; produced; created by creator; author; producer; efficient cause
          337 /ɲcɔɲcɔjɔ/           made with collaborator
          339 /ɲcɔɲcɔɲɔ/  [U]           created by author born in
          34 /ɲcɔŋkɔ/      conflicting with; against contrary element
          35 /ɲcɔlpɔ/      interacting with; communicating with; reciprocally influencing interagent  
          36 /ɲcɔltɔ/      influenced by; exposed to; subjected to factor; side; facet; problem aspect
          37 /ɲcɔjɔ/      by mean; mediator; catalyzer; instrument; tool; equipment
          38 /ɲcɔrkɔ/      for; towards function; goal; purpose; destination; potential; final cause  [teleonomy; teleology]  
          382 /ɲcɔrkɔntɔ/           towards term; aimed point; situation; promised land
          383 /ɲcɔrkɔɲcɔ/           to beneficiary; patient; assistee; addressee
          388 /ɲcɔrkɔrkɔ/           tending towards; regulating to equilibrium; homeostasis; health  ↞ bpoh homeostasis
          39 /ɲcɔɲɔ/  [U]      by author; human agent born in
          3VX /ɲcɔvawxaw/ affected by something
          3VY /ɲcɔvawɟaw/ affected by individual
          3X /ɲcɔxaw/      are they affected by...?
          3Y /ɲcɔɟaw/      are affected by
          4 /ŋkɔ/ suffering from; affected by disorder; perturbation; problem; fault; malfunction; abnormality; disturbance
          40 /ŋkɔwɔ/      threatened by uncertainty; doubt; unknown
          41 /ŋkɔmpɔ/      passing through crisis
          413 /ŋkɔmpɔɲcɔ/           tainted by taint; inherited limitation
          42 /ŋkɔntɔ/      facing pitfall; trap
          43 /ŋkɔɲcɔ/      altered by; damaged by; weakened by inhibitor; impactant; antagonist; anti-agent; negative factor  
          44 /ŋkɔŋkɔ/      ending with destruction; suppression; elimination; death
          45 /ŋkɔlpɔ/      undergoing alteration course; deterioration
          46 /ŋkɔltɔ/      limited by limitation
          47 /ŋkɔjɔ/      worsened by particular problem
          48 /ŋkɔrkɔ/      constrained by; forced; coerced by restriction; rule
          49 /ŋkɔɲɔ/  [mqad]      affected by disease
          4X /ŋkɔxaw/      have they disturb...?
          4Y /ŋkɔɟaw/      have disturb
          5 /lpɔ/ through; by change; transformation; process  ↞ ag operations   
          50 /lpɔwɔ/       variability; stability; regularity; continuity
          509 /lpɔwɔɲɔ/  [anab]            stability degree
          509f /lpɔwɔɲɔfa/                unstable; changeable; variable
          509u /lpɔwɔɲɔu/                stable
          51 /lpɔmpɔ/      developed through; by history; evolution  ↞ ag operations   
          52 /lpɔntɔ/      within context; milieu; site; seat; venue
          53 /lpɔɲcɔ/      undergoing operation; external action
          54 /lpɔŋkɔ/      overcoming hindrance; obstruction; obstacle; handicap; snag; hitch; holdback
          55 /lpɔlpɔ/      becoming new phenomenon
          55bpe /lpɔlpɔbape/                     static
          55bps /lpɔlpɔbapasa/                     stochastic
          56 /lpɔltɔ/      with; through way; behaviour; course; proceeding
          57 /lpɔjɔ/      at stage; step; phase  ↞ bpa stages
          58 /lpɔrkɔ/      according to path; procedure; checklist; schedule; chart
          59 /lpɔɲɔ/  [os]      doing activity
          5A /lpɔɛw/      thus
          5X /lpɔxaw/      do they undergo...?
          5Y /lpɔɟaw/      undergo
          6 /ltɔ/ having; featuring property; quality; attribute; adjective
          60W9 /ltɔwɔwawɲɔ/       inverted facets
          60 /ltɔwɔ/      aspect of related phenomenon
          61 /ltɔmpɔ/      moment of historical phenomenon
          62 /ltɔntɔ/      place of; venue of situated phenomenon
          63 /ltɔɲcɔ/      producing; explaining effect
          633 /ltɔɲcɔɲcɔ/           creating product
          633x /ltɔɲcɔɲcɔxa/  ⋄                art
          633xm /ltɔɲcɔɲcɔxama/  ⋄                     music
          64 /ltɔŋkɔ/      against; avoiding; preventing risk
          643 /ltɔŋkɔɲcɔ/           fighting enemy
          65 /ltɔlpɔ/      transforming changed phenomenon
          66 /ltɔltɔ/      qualifying phenomenon
          67 /ltɔjɔ/      belonging to; part of whole
          68 /ltɔrkɔ/      model for reproduction
          69 /ltɔɲɔ/  [V]      related to; differentiating; specifying general phenomenon
          6A /ltɔɛw/      such
          6X /ltɔxaw/      have they...?
          6Y /ltɔɟaw/      have
          6a /ltɔɛ/      logical
          6bb /ltɔbaba/           diachronical
          6bc /ltɔbaʃa/           spatial
          6bcd /ltɔbaʃada/                tree-dimensional; solid
          6bcdy /ltɔbaʃadaɟa/                     spherical
          6bp /ltɔbapa/           dynamical; processual
          6e /ltɔe/      atomical
          6f /ltɔfa/      chemical
          6g /ltɔga/      material
          6gg /ltɔgaga/           gaseous
          6gɭ /ltɔgala/           liquid
          6gs /ltɔgasa/           solid
          6h /ltɔɣa/      celestial
          6i /ltɔi/      mineral
          6j /ltɔʒa/      geographical
          6k /ltɔka/      genetic
          6m /ltɔma/      living
          6n /ltɔna/      wild; natural
          6o /ltɔo/      instinctive; spontaneous; impulsive
          6p /ltɔpa/      conscious
          6q /ltɔca/      verbal; linguistic
          6r /ltɔra/      religious; sacred; holy
          6s /ltɔsa/      social
          6t /ltɔta/      official
          6u /ltɔu/      economical
          6v /ltɔva/      technological
          6w /ltɔwa/      artificial
          6x /ltɔxa/      artistic
          6y /ltɔɟa/      intellectual
          7 /jɔ/ with part; subsystem; component; organ; structure  ↞ aw systems   
          70 /jɔwɔ/       proportion
          708 /jɔwɔrkɔ/            fraction
          7089 /jɔwɔrkɔɲɔ/  [ann]                 fraction value
          7089u /jɔwɔrkɔɲɔu/  ⋄                     60%
          7089uqr /jɔwɔrkɔɲɔucara/  ⋄                               62.3%
          709 /jɔwɔɲɔ/  [anab]            proportion
          709e /jɔwɔɲɔe/                a small minority
          709f /jɔwɔɲɔfa/                a minority
          709i /jɔwɔɲɔi/                about half
          709u /jɔwɔɲɔu/                most
          709v /jɔwɔɲɔva/                the large majority
          71 /jɔmpɔ/      with temporal section; time range; span; interval; age class
          72 /jɔntɔ/      with sector; portion  
          73 /jɔɲcɔ/      made of substance; material cause
          74 /jɔŋkɔ/      lacking missing part
          75 /jɔlpɔ/       structure change
          759 /jɔlpɔɲɔ/  [anab]            structure change
          759f /jɔlpɔɲɔfa/                getting simpler
          759u /jɔlpɔɲɔu/                getting complex; self-organizing
          76 /jɔltɔ/       consistency
          769 /jɔltɔɲɔ/  [anab]            continuity
          769c /jɔltɔɲɔʃa/                discrete
          769y /jɔltɔɲɔɟa/                continuous
          77 /jɔjɔ/       complexity; degree of organization; internal structure
          770 /jɔjɔwɔ/            mechanicity  ↞ awaw mechanicity
          7709 /jɔjɔwɔɲɔ/  [anab]                 mechanicity
          7709c /jɔjɔwɔɲɔʃa/                     reductionistic; mechanical
          7709m /jɔjɔwɔɲɔma/                     emergent
          7709y /jɔjɔwɔɲɔɟa/                     holistic
          773 /jɔjɔɲcɔ/           inheriting vestigial organ
          777 /jɔjɔjɔ/           made of number of elements; pieces
          779 /jɔjɔɲɔ/  [anab]            complexity degree
          779f /jɔjɔɲɔfa/                simple
          779u /jɔjɔɲɔu/                complex
          78 /jɔrkɔ/      for role
          79 /jɔɲɔ/  [waf]      made of material
          7X /jɔxaw/      have they part...?
          7Y /jɔɟaw/      have as part
          8 /rkɔ/ as; like form; pattern; measure  [morphology]  ↞ a forms   
          80 /rkɔwɔ/       extent; degree; intension  
          808 /rkɔwɔrkɔ/           half-  
          809 /rkɔwɔɲɔ/  [acai]            intension
          809b /rkɔwɔɲɔba/                not; non-
          809g /rkɔwɔɲɔga/                quasi
          809ɭ /rkɔwɔɲɔla/                little
          809t /rkɔwɔɲɔta/                typically; prototypically
          809v /rkɔwɔɲɔva/                very
          81 /rkɔmpɔ/       span measure; duration
          811 /rkɔmpɔmpɔ/           shorter than longer phenomenon
          8114 /rkɔmpɔmpɔŋkɔ/                longer than shorter phenomenon
          8118 /rkɔmpɔmpɔrkɔ/                as long as phenomenon of equal duration
          818 /rkɔmpɔrkɔ/            span measure
          8189 /rkɔmpɔrkɔɲɔ/  [an]                 duration s
          819 /rkɔmpɔɲɔ/  [anab]            duration
          819f /rkɔmpɔɲɔfa/                brief; short
          819u /rkɔmpɔɲɔu/                lasting
          82 /rkɔntɔ/       size; magnitude
          821 /rkɔntɔmpɔ/           smaller than greater phenomenon
          8214 /rkɔntɔmpɔŋkɔ/                greater than smaller phenomenon
          8218 /rkɔntɔmpɔrkɔ/                as great as equal phenomenon
          825 /rkɔntɔlpɔ/            change rate
          8259 /rkɔntɔlpɔɲɔ/  [anab]                 growth rate
          8259f /rkɔntɔlpɔɲɔfa/                     lessening; dwindling
          8259u /rkɔntɔlpɔɲɔu/                     expanding; increasing
          826 /rkɔntɔltɔ/            one-dimensional size; length
          8267 /rkɔntɔltɔjɔ/                 height; z axis
          82679 /rkɔntɔltɔjɔɲɔ/  [anab]                      height  ↞ g98267 of m
          82679f /rkɔntɔltɔjɔɲɔfa/                          low; short
          82679u /rkɔntɔltɔjɔɲɔu/                          high; tall
          8268 /rkɔntɔltɔrkɔ/                 width; y axis
          8269 /rkɔntɔltɔɲɔ/  [anab]                 length; x axis
          8269f /rkɔntɔltɔɲɔfa/                     short
          8269u /rkɔntɔltɔɲɔu/                     long
          827 /rkɔntɔjɔ/            extent; area
          8279 /rkɔntɔjɔɲɔ/  [anab]                 area  ↞ g9827 of m2
          8279f /rkɔntɔjɔɲɔfa/                     narrow
          8279u /rkɔntɔjɔɲɔu/                     wide
          828 /rkɔntɔrkɔ/            size measure; volume
          8289 /rkɔntɔrkɔɲɔ/  [an]                 volume m3
          829 /rkɔntɔɲɔ/  [anab]            size  ↞ g982 of m3
          829e /rkɔntɔɲɔe/                very small
          829f /rkɔntɔɲɔfa/                small
          829i /rkɔntɔɲɔi/                middle size
          829u /rkɔntɔɲɔu/                big
          829v /rkɔntɔɲɔva/                huge
          82mqri /rkɔntɔmacari/  ⋄                          as big as an insect
          83 /rkɔɲcɔ/       consistence; consistency
          8389 /rkɔɲcɔrkɔɲɔ/  [an]                 weight measure Kg  ↞ g97 of Kg
          839 /rkɔɲcɔɲɔ/  [anab]            weight
          839f /rkɔɲcɔɲɔfa/                light
          839u /rkɔɲcɔɲɔu/                heavy
          84 /rkɔŋkɔ/       order
          8459 /rkɔŋkɔlpɔɲɔ/  [anab]                 temperature change
          8459f /rkɔŋkɔlpɔɲɔfa/                     chilling; becoming colder
          8459u /rkɔŋkɔlpɔɲɔu/                     warming
          848 /rkɔŋkɔrkɔ/            temperature measure
          8489 /rkɔŋkɔrkɔɲɔ/  [an]                 temperature K  ↞ g94 at K
          849 /rkɔŋkɔɲɔ/  [anab]            temperature
          849e /rkɔŋkɔɲɔe/                freezing; icy
          849f /rkɔŋkɔɲɔfa/                cold; cool
          849i /rkɔŋkɔɲɔi/                tepid
          849u /rkɔŋkɔɲɔu/                warm
          849v /rkɔŋkɔɲɔva/                hot
          85 /rkɔlpɔ/       dynamicity
          856 /rkɔlpɔltɔ/            wavelength
          8569 /rkɔlpɔltɔɲɔ/  [darll]                 colour
          8569e /rkɔlpɔltɔɲɔe/                     blue
          8569ɭ /rkɔlpɔltɔɲɔla/                     yellow
          8569r /rkɔlpɔltɔɲɔra/                     red
          858 /rkɔlpɔrkɔ/            velocity measure
          8589 /rkɔlpɔrkɔɲɔ/  [an]                 velocity m/s  ↞ g925 moving at m/s
          859 /rkɔlpɔɲɔ/  [anab]            speed; rapidity
          859c /rkɔlpɔɲɔʃa/                still
          859f /rkɔlpɔɲɔfa/                slow
          859u /rkɔlpɔɲɔu/                fast; quick
          86 /rkɔltɔ/      agreeing with; conforming to regulation; norm; requirement; obligation; restraint
          861 /rkɔltɔmpɔ/           conforming to time
          8619 /rkɔltɔmpɔɲɔ/  [rab]                 style of epoch
          862 /rkɔltɔntɔ/           conforming to place; à la
          863 /rkɔltɔɲcɔ/           conforming to tradition; style
          864 /rkɔltɔŋkɔ/           violating; disobeying regulation; norm; requirement; obligation
          868 /rkɔltɔrkɔ/           simulating model
          87 /rkɔjɔ/      amounting to quantity; amount; intensity
          871 /rkɔjɔmpɔ/           less than more numerous phenomenon
          8714 /rkɔjɔmpɔŋkɔ/                more than less numerous phenomenon
          8718 /rkɔjɔmpɔrkɔ/                as many as
          875 /rkɔjɔlpɔ/           getting changed quantity
          875a /rkɔjɔlpɔɛ/                diminishing; decreasing
          875c /rkɔjɔlpɔʃa/                growing; rising augmenting
          875y /rkɔjɔlpɔɟa/                multiplicating; exponentially growing
          8789 /rkɔjɔrkɔɲɔ/  [an]                 number
          8789n /rkɔjɔrkɔɲɔna/                     some units; individuals
          8789np /rkɔjɔrkɔɲɔnapa/  ⋄                          one
          8789o /rkɔjɔrkɔɲɔo/                     some tens
          8789ot /rkɔjɔrkɔɲɔota/  ⋄                          five tens
          8789ots /rkɔjɔrkɔɲɔotasa/  ⋄                               54
          879 /rkɔjɔɲɔ/  [anab]            quantifier
          879c /rkɔjɔɲɔʃa/                none
          879e /rkɔjɔɲɔe/                very few
          879f /rkɔjɔɲɔfa/                few; little
          879m /rkɔjɔɲɔma/                some plural
          879u /rkɔjɔɲɔu/                many; much
          879v /rkɔjɔɲɔva/                very many
          879y /rkɔjɔɲɔɟa/                all
          88 /rkɔrkɔ/      modeled on; referring to; representing; reproducing; as for; about model; referent; topic; meaning; content; subject
          880 /rkɔrkɔwɔ/            variability; diversity; standard deviation
          881 /rkɔrkɔmpɔ/           ranked rank; ordinal numbers
          881annp /rkɔrkɔmpɔɛnanapa/                               first; #1
          881annq /rkɔrkɔmpɔɛnanaca/                               second; #2
          881annr /rkɔrkɔmpɔɛnanara/                               third; #3
          883 /rkɔrkɔɲcɔ/           controlled by supervisor
          884 /rkɔrkɔŋkɔ/           different from; dissimilar from; unlike different phenomenon
          886 /rkɔrkɔltɔ/           analog to metaphor; analogy  
          887 /rkɔrkɔjɔ/           similar to; like alike phenomenon
          888 /rkɔrkɔrkɔ/           equal to; identical to correspondent phenomenon
          89 /rkɔɲɔ/  [bc]       shape
          89b /rkɔɲɔba/           linear
          89c /rkɔɲɔʃa/           flat
          89cbc /rkɔɲɔʃabaʃa/                     circular
          89ceU /rkɔɲɔʃeuj/                     squared
          89d /rkɔɲɔda/           solid; 3D
          89dU /rkɔɲɔduj/                cubic
          89dhfp /rkɔɲɔdaɣafapa/                          parallelepiped
          89dy /rkɔɲɔdaɟa/                spherical
          8X /rkɔxaw/      are they like...?
          8Y /rkɔɟaw/      are like
          9 /ɲɔ/ of; being kind; type; differentia; specification  ↞ aeabc unary
          90 /ɲɔwɔ/       facet of 1 degree up
          900 /ɲɔwɔɔ/            facet of 2 degrees up
          9000 /ɲɔwɔɔwɔ/                 facet of 3 degrees up
          90000 /ɲɔwɔɔwɔwɔ/                      facet of 4 degrees up [etc.]
          91 /ɲɔmpɔ/       special facet 1
          92 /ɲɔntɔ/       special facet 2
          93 /ɲɔɲcɔ/       special facet 3
          94 /ɲɔŋkɔ/       special facet 4
          95 /ɲɔlpɔ/       special facet 5
          96 /ɲɔltɔ/       special facet 6
          97 /ɲɔjɔ/       special facet 7
          98 /ɲɔrkɔ/       special facet 8
          99 /ɲɔɲɔ/       special facet 9
          9A /ɲɔɛw/      this kind
          9X /ɲɔxaw/      are they...?
          9Y /ɲɔɟaw/      are
          AW(Z) /ɛwwawλezawλo/                                    the deictics; constants; known; preferred classes; shortened notations
          A /ɛw/ those; a0; the current; present; the domain of discourse favoured host class or subclass, local deictic  
          B /baw/ the first ones; a1
          C /ʃaw/ the second ones; a2
          D /daw/ the third ones; a3
          E /ew/ the fourth ones; a4
          F /faw/ the fifth ones; a5
          G /gaw/ the sixth ones; a6
          H /ɣaw/ the seventh ones; a7
          İ /iw/ the eighth ones; a8
          J /ʒaw/ the ninth ones; a9
          K /kaw/ the tenth ones; a10
          L /law/ the eleventh ones; a11
          M /maw/ the twelfth ones; a12
          N /naw/ the thirteenth ones; a13
          O /ow/ the fourteenth ones; a14
          P /paw/ the fifteenth ones; a15
          Q /caw/ the sixteenth ones; a16
          R /raw/ the seventeenth ones; a17
          S /saw/ the eighteenth ones; a18
          T /taw/ the nineteenth ones; a19
          U /uj/  [px91] persons by birth time
          UX /ujxaw/  [rab]      persons by birth millennium
          UXX /ujxawxaw/           persons by birth century
          Uni /ujni/           persons born in 6th century BC; Gautama Buddha
          Uniim /ujnijima/                     persons born in 551 BC; Confucius
          Unkfj /ujnakafaʒa/                     persons born in 384 BC; Aristotle
          Unnnj /ujnananaʒa/                     persons born in 4 BC; Jesus Christ
          Uotvo /ujotavo/                     persons born in 570; Muhammad
          Upstp /ujpasatapa/                     persons born in 1451; Christopher Columbus
          Upstq /ujpasataca/                     persons born in 1452; Leonardo da Vinci
          Uptus /ujpatusa/                     persons born in 1564
          Uptusc /ujpatusaʃa/                          persons born in February 1564; Galileo Galilei
          Uptuse /ujpatuse/                          persons born in April 1564; William Shakespeare
          Upusq /ujpusaca/                     persons born in 1642; Isaac Newton
          Upvux /ujpavuxa/                     persons born in 1769; Napoleon
          Upvvo /ujpavavo/                     persons born in 1770; Ludwig van Beethoven
          Upwox /ujpawoxa/                     persons born in 1809
          Upwoxpt /ujpawoxapata/  ⋄                               persons born on 19 January 1809; Edgar Allan Poe
          Upwoxqm /ujpawoxacama/                               persons born on 12 February 1809
          Upwoxqme /ujpawoxacame/                                    persons born on 12 February 1809 at 3 AM; Charles Darwin
          Upwoxqmh /ujpawoxacamaɣa/                                    persons born on 12 February 1809 at 6 AM; Abraham Lincoln
          Upwpx /ujpawapaxa/                     persons born in 1819; Queen Victoria
          Upwtr /ujpawatara/                     persons born in 1853; Vincent van Gogh
          Upwux /ujpawuxa/                     persons born in 1869; Mahatma Gandhi
          Upwvo /ujpawavo/                     persons born in 1870; Lenin
          Upwvx /ujpawavaxa/                     persons born in 1879; Albert Einstein
          Upxpw /ujpaxapawa/                     persons born in 1918; Nelson Mandela
          Upxqx /ujpaxacaxa/                     persons born in 1929; Martin Luther King
          Upxso /ujpaxaso/                     persons born in 1940; Pele
          V /vaw/                                    general class; the universe of knowledge  ≈ DDC 000
          X /xaw/ something
          XA /xawɛw/      x0
          XB /xawbaw/      x1
          XC /xawʃaw/      x2  
          XX /xawxaw/      what; which; x; unknown variables
          Y /ɟaw/ that actual instance; proper noun; name
          Y3Y /ɟawɲcɔɟaw/           individual is affected by
          Z /zaw/ the following; the mentioned; that internal reference, phoric
          ZA /zawɛw/      the aforementioned; previous anaphoric reference
          ZAB /zawɛwbaw/           the second mentioned
          ZAC /zawɛwʃaw/           the third mentioned
          ZB /zawbaw/      the next following cataphoric reference
          ZC /zawʃaw/      the second next
          ZD /zawdaw/      the third next
          aWc /ɛwawʃa/ information  
          aWz /ɛwawza/ world; universe  [ontology; general philosophy]  ≈ DDC 110  
          a /ɛ/ forms; mathematical objects  [formal sciences; logic; mathematics]  ≈ DDC 510 160
          a92 /ɛɲɔntɔ/  [a]           in neighbourhood
          a93 /ɛɲɔɲcɔ/  [a]           implied by; as a consequence of premise
          a94 /ɛɲɔŋkɔ/  [a]           with error
          a95 /ɛɲɔlpɔ/  [ag]           through transformation; operation; function; map; morphism
          a96 /ɛɲɔltɔ/  [a]           having property
          a97 /ɛɲɔjɔ/  [aa]           with part; element; component
          a98 /ɛɲɔrkɔ/  [a]           equal to result
          aat /ɛjɛta/           elements
          aau /ɛjɛu/           subsets
          aauc /ɛjɛuʃa/                structure-preserving subsets
          aaud /ɛjɛuda/                divisor subsets
          aauɭ /ɛjɛula/                lateral subsets
          aaun /ɛjɛuna/                independent subsets
          aauns /ɛjɛunasa/                     bases  ↞ akc vector spaces
          aaus /ɛjɛusa/                substructures
          aausq /ɛjɛusaca/                     quotient-capable substructures
          aaw /ɛjɛwa/           cosets
          ab /ɛba/      individuals; instances
          ac /ɛʃa/      classes; sets; collections  [set theory]  
          ac97 /ɛʃaɲɔjɔ/  [a]                including; ⊃ subset
          ac98 /ɛʃaɲɔrkɔ/  [a]                containing; ∋ member; individual
          ac99 /ɛʃaɲɔɲɔ/  [acai]                 intensionality
          acai /ɛʃɛi/                intensionals fuzzy classes  [fuzzy set theory; fuzzy logic]
          acaib /ɛʃɛiba/                     not; other than; non-class
          acaie /ɛʃɛie/                     hardly
          acaig /ɛʃɛiga/                     almost; about quasi-class
          acaij /ɛʃɛiʒa/                     scarcely; barely
          acaiɭ /ɛʃɛila/                     little; a bit
          acain /ɛʃɛina/                     partially  
          acaiq /ɛʃɛica/                     quite copula
          acais /ɛʃɛisa/                     definitely; just
          acait /ɛʃɛita/                     typically; stereotype; typical specimen
          acaiv /ɛʃɛiva/                     very; extremely
          acan /ɛʃɛna/                occasionality
          acano /ɛʃɛno/                     occasional; accidental attributes
          acans /ɛʃɛnasa/                     by definition; substantial; essential; intrinsical substantial classes
          acb /ɛʃaba/           the empty class; empty set; nothing
          ae /ɛe/      relations; correspondences  
          ae92 /ɛeɲɔntɔ/  [a]                in field
          ae923 /ɛeɲɔntɔɲcɔ/  [a]                     from domain
          ae928 /ɛeɲɔntɔrkɔ/  [a]                     to range; image
          ae93 /ɛeɲɔɲcɔ/  [a]                from set of departure
          ae938 /ɛeɲɔɲcɔrkɔ/  [a]                     to codomain; set of destination
          ae96 /ɛeɲɔltɔ/  [aea]                 relation property
          ae99 /ɛeɲɔɲɔ/  [a]                of argument; term
          aeab /ɛeɛba/                arity; adicity; dimension; number of arguments; places  ↞ anai integers
          aeabb /ɛeɛbaba/                     nullary
          aeabc /ɛeɛbaʃa/                     unary; properties  [truth logic]
          aeabd /ɛeɛbada/                     binary; diadic; 2-place
          aeabe /ɛeɛbe/                     ternary; triadic; 3-place
          aead /ɛeɛda/                cardinality
          aeadb /ɛeɛdaba/                     one-to-one
          aeadd /ɛeɛdada/                     one-to-many
          aeadm /ɛeɛdama/                     many-to-one
          aeadn /ɛeɛdana/                     many-to-many
          aeah /ɛeɛɣa/                reflexive
          aeaj /ɛeɛʒa/                symmetric  
          aeaɭ /ɛeɛla/                transitive
          aean /ɛeɛna/                connected
          aeaq /ɛeɛca/                equivalent  ↞ aeah reflexive aeaj symmetric aeal transitive   
          aeb /ɛeba/           identity  ↞ aeaq equivalent
          aeb99 /ɛebaɲɔɲɔ/  [a]                     of term
          aee /ɛeje/           equality
          aef /ɛefa/           similarity
          aei /ɛei/           inequality
          aem /ɛema/           set membership; belonging
          aem99 /ɛemaɲɔɲɔ/  [a]                     to class
          aem997 /ɛemaɲɔɲɔjɔ/  [a]                          of instance
          aep /ɛepa/           parthood; part-whole; inclusion  [mereology]
          aep99 /ɛepaɲɔɲɔ/  [a]                     in whole
          aep997 /ɛepaɲɔɲɔjɔ/  [a]                          of part
          aepp /ɛepapa/                proper part-whole
          aept /ɛepata/                overlap
          aepu /ɛepu/                underlap
          aes /ɛesa/           set inclusion; genus-species  
          aes99 /ɛesaɲɔɲɔ/  [a]                     in genus
          aes997 /ɛesaɲɔɲɔjɔ/  [a]                          of species
          af /ɛfa/      predications  [predicate logic]  
          af99 /ɛfaɲɔɲɔ/  [a]                of class; feature
          af998 /ɛfaɲɔɲɔrkɔ/  [a]                     about object
          ag /ɛga/      operations; transformations; maps; morphisms
          ag96 /ɛgaɲɔltɔ/  [aga]                 operation property
          ag98 /ɛgaɲɔrkɔ/  [a]                equal to result
          ag99 /ɛgaɲɔɲɔ/  [a]                of operand
          ag99kc /ɛgaɲɔɲɔkaʃa/                          vector spaces
          ag99kt /ɛgaɲɔɲɔkata/                          topological spaces; continous functions
          ag99ɭt /ɛgaɲɔɲɔlata/                          categories; functors
          agai /ɛgɛi/                associative
          agam /ɛgɛma/                commutative
          agap /ɛgɛpa/                idempotent
          agh /ɛgaɣa/           homomorphisms
          agh99 /ɛgaɣaɲɔɲɔ/  [a]                     of structure
          agh99ɭmm /ɛgaɣaɲɔɲɔlamama/                                    monoids
          agh99ɭo /ɛgaɣaɲɔɲɔlo/                               groups
          agh99ɭr /ɛgaɣaɲɔɲɔlara/                               rings
          agh99me /ɛgaɣaɲɔɲɔme/                               order homomorphisms; order-preserving functions
          agh99mr /ɛgaɣaɲɔɲɔmara/                               graphs
          agh99msm /ɛgaɣaɲɔɲɔmasama/                                    matroids
          aghe /ɛgaɣe/                epimorphisms; surjective morphisms
          aghi /ɛgaɣi/                monomorphisms; injective morphisms
          aghm /ɛgaɣama/                isomorphisms; bijective morphisms  ↞ aghe epimorphisms aghi monomorphisms
          aghn /ɛgaɣana/                endomorphisms
          aghu /ɛgaɣu/                automorphisms  ↞ aghm isomorphisms aghn endomorphisms
          agm /ɛgama/           sum; union; addition
          agm98 /ɛgamaɲɔrkɔ/  [a]                     equal to sum
          agm99 /ɛgamaɲɔɲɔ/  [a]                     of term; addend; summand
          agm99kt /ɛgamaɲɔɲɔkata/                               topological spaces; topologies
          agm99me /ɛgamaɲɔɲɔme/                               posets
          agm99msm /ɛgamaɲɔɲɔmasama/                                    matroids
          agm99n /ɛgamaɲɔɲɔna/                          quantities; numbers
          agm99nnr99nnq98nnt /ɛgamaɲɔɲɔnanaraɲɔɲɔnanacaɲɔrkɔnanata/  ⋄                                    2 + 3 = 5
          agmd /ɛgamada/                disjoint union
          agmo /ɛgamo/                ordinal sum
          agn /ɛgana/           difference; complement; subtraction  
          agn98 /ɛganaɲɔrkɔ/  [a]                     equal to difference
          agn99 /ɛganaɲɔɲɔ/  [a]                     of minuend
          agn993 /ɛganaɲɔɲɔɲcɔ/  [a]                          minus subtrahend
          agn99n /ɛganaɲɔɲɔna/                          quantities; numbers
          agn99nnt993nnq98nnr /ɛganaɲɔɲɔnanataɲɔɲɔɲcɔnanacaɲɔrkɔnanara/  ⋄                                    5 - 2 = 3
          agns /ɛganasa/                symmetric difference; exclusive or; xor
          ago /ɛgo/           direct-like operations
          agom /ɛgoma/                direct sum
          agom99 /ɛgomaɲɔɲɔ/  [a]                          of structure
          agom99kc /ɛgomaɲɔɲɔkaʃa/                                    vector spaces
          agom99msm /ɛgomaɲɔɲɔmasama/                                    matroids
          agop /ɛgopa/                direct product
          agop99 /ɛgopaɲɔɲɔ/  [a]                          of structure
          agop99ɭmm /ɛgopaɲɔɲɔlamama/                                    monoids
          agop99ɭo /ɛgopaɲɔɲɔlo/                                    groups
          agop99ɭt /ɛgopaɲɔɲɔlata/                                    categories
          agp /ɛgapa/           product; intersection
          agp99 /ɛgapaɲɔɲɔ/  [a]                     of factor
          agp99n /ɛgapaɲɔɲɔna/                          quantities; numbers
          agp99nnr99nnq98nnu /ɛgapaɲɔɲɔnanaraɲɔɲɔnanacaɲɔrkɔnanu/  ⋄                                    3 x 2 = 6
          agpc /ɛgapaʃa/                Cartesian product; cross product
          agpc99 /ɛgapaʃaɲɔɲɔ/  [a]                          of structure
          agpc99kt /ɛgapaʃaɲɔɲɔkata/                                    topological spaces; Cartesian topologies
          agpc99me /ɛgapaʃaɲɔɲɔme/                                    posets
          agpc99mr /ɛgapaʃaɲɔɲɔmara/                                    graphs
          agpe /ɛgape/                semidirect product
          agq /ɛgaca/           quotient; division; partition
          agqe /ɛgace/                Euclidean division; division with remainder
          agqe98 /ɛgaceɲɔrkɔ/  [an]                          equal to quotient
          agqe986 /ɛgaceɲɔrkɔltɔ/  [an]                               with remainder
          agqe99 /ɛgaceɲɔɲɔ/  [an]                          of dividend
          agqe993 /ɛgaceɲɔɲɔɲcɔ/  [an]                               by divisor
          agqe99oss993nr /ɛgaceɲɔɲɔosasaɲɔɲɔɲcɔnara/  ⋄                                    44 / 3
          agqs /ɛgacasa/                quotient structure
          agqs99 /ɛgacasaɲɔɲɔ/  [a]                          of
          agqs99kt /ɛgacasaɲɔɲɔkata/                                    topological spaces; topologies
          agt /ɛgata/           tensor-like operations
          agtp /ɛgatapa/                tensor product
          agtp99 /ɛgatapaɲɔɲɔ/  [a]                          of structure
          agtp99mr /ɛgatapaɲɔɲɔmara/                                    graphs
          agu /ɛgu/           lexicographic product
          agu99 /ɛguɲɔɲɔ/  [a]                     of structure
          agu99mr /ɛguɲɔɲɔmara/                               graphs
          agw /ɛgawa/           exponentiation; power
          agw99 /ɛgawaɲɔɲɔ/  [a]                     of base
          agw993 /ɛgawaɲɔɲɔɲcɔ/  [a]                          raised to the power exponent
          agw99n /ɛgawaɲɔɲɔna/                          quantities; numbers
          agw99nnq993nnr98nnw /ɛgawaɲɔɲɔnanacaɲɔɲɔɲcɔnanaraɲɔrkɔnanawa/  ⋄                                    23 = 8
          agx /ɛgaxa/           nth root
          agx993 /ɛgaxaɲɔɲɔɲcɔ/  [a]                          -th
          agx993nnq /ɛgaxaɲɔɲɔɲcɔnanaca/                                    square
          agx993nnr /ɛgaxaɲɔɲɔɲcɔnanara/                                    cube
          agx99nnx993nnq98nnr /ɛgaxaɲɔɲɔnanaxaɲɔɲɔɲcɔnanacaɲɔrkɔnanara/  ⋄                                    √9 = 3
          agy /ɛgaɟa/           logarithm
          agy99 /ɛgaɟaɲɔɲɔ/  [a]                     of
          agy993 /ɛgaɟaɲɔɲɔɲcɔ/  [a]                          to; base
          agy993nnq /ɛgaɟaɲɔɲɔɲcɔnanaca/                                    2; binary logarithm
          agy993nnqU /ɛgaɟaɲɔɲɔɲcɔnanacuj/                                    e; natural logarithm
          agy993nop /ɛgaɟaɲɔɲɔɲcɔnopa/                                    10; common logarithm
          agy99nous993nnq98nnu /ɛgaɟaɲɔɲɔnousaɲɔɲɔɲcɔnanacaɲɔrkɔnanu/  ⋄                                    log264 = 6
          aiWj /ɛiwawʒa/      discrete structures  [discrete mathematics; combinatorics]  
          ai /ɛi/      statements; propositions  [classical logic]  
          aia /ɛiɛ/           truth value
          aiad /ɛiɛda/                contradictory; paradoxical
          aiaf /ɛiɛfa/                false
          aiat /ɛiɛta/                true
          aii /ɛiji/           implication  
          aii98 /ɛijiɲɔrkɔ/  [a]                     is consequence
          aii99 /ɛijiɲɔɲɔ/  [a]                     of premise  
          aiq /ɛica/           equivalence  
          ais /ɛisa/           subjective propositions  [modal logic]
          aj /ɛʒa/      formal languages; theories
          ajo /ɛʒo/           recursively enumerated languages; type 0 languages
          ajp /ɛʒapa/           context-sensitive languages; type 1 languages
          ajq /ɛʒaca/           context-free languages; type 2 languages
          ajr /ɛʒara/           regular languages; type 3 languages
          ajt /ɛʒata/           formal theories
          ak /ɛka/      spaces
          akc /ɛkaʃa/           vector spaces
          akc97t /ɛkaʃaɲɔjɔta/                          vectors
          akc97uc /ɛkaʃaɲɔjɔuʃa/                               subspaces of vector spaces; hyperplanes
          akcɭ /ɛkaʃala/                algebras
          ake /ɛke/           tensor spaces
          akf /ɛkafa/           affine spaces
          akn /ɛkana/           unitary spaces
          akt /ɛkata/           topological spaces
          akt97t /ɛkataɲɔjɔta/                          elements of topological spaces; points
          akt97u /ɛkataɲɔjɔu/                          subspaces of topological spaces
          aktd /ɛkatada/                discrete topological spaces  [discrete topology]
          aktm /ɛkatama/                metric spaces
          aktp /ɛkatapa/                compact spaces
          akts /ɛkatasa/                separable spaces
          aktso /ɛkataso/                     T0 spaces; Kolmogorov spaces
          aktsp /ɛkatasapa/                     T1 spaces; Fréchet spaces
          aktsq /ɛkatasaca/                     T2 spaces; Hausdorff spaces
          aktsr /ɛkatasara/                     T3 spaces; regular spaces
          aktss /ɛkatasasa/                     T4 spaces; regular Hausdorff spaces
          aktw /ɛkatawa/                manifolds
          aktwd /ɛkatawada/                     differentiable manifolds
          aktwds /ɛkatawadasa/                          smooth manifolds
          aktwr /ɛkatawara/                     Riemannian manifolds
           /ɛla/      algebraic structures  [algebra; abstract algebra]  ≈ DDC 512  
          aɭb /ɛlaba/           general algebraic systems  [universal algebra]
          aɭgWy /ɛlagawawɟa/           group-like structures
          aɭg /ɛlaga/           non-closed group-like structures; non-total group-like structures
          aɭge /ɛlage/                semigroupoids
          aɭgp /ɛlagapa/                groupoids
          aɭi /ɛli/           non-associative group-like structures
          aɭim /ɛlima/                magmas
          aɭiq /ɛlica/                quasigroups
          aɭiu /ɛliu/                loops
          aɭm /ɛlama/           non-commutative group-like structures
          aɭme /ɛlame/                semigroups
          aɭmi /ɛlami/                inverse semigroups
          aɭmm /ɛlamama/                monoids
          aɭmm97t /ɛlamamaɲɔjɔta/                               monoid elements
          aɭmm97u /ɛlamamaɲɔjɔu/                               submonoids
          aɭo /ɛlo/           groups  [group theory]
          aɭo97t /ɛloɲɔjɔta/                          group elements
          aɭo97u /ɛloɲɔjɔu/                          subgroups
          aɭob /ɛloba/                Abelian groups
          aɭoc /ɛloʃa/                cyclic groups
          aɭoe /ɛloe/                symmetric groups
          aɭog /ɛloga/                alternating groups
          aɭoh /ɛloɣa/                dihedral groups
          aɭom /ɛloma/                simple groups
          aɭoms /ɛlomasa/                     sporadic groups
          aɭor /ɛlora/                free groups
          aɭos /ɛlosa/                solvable groups
          aɭou /ɛlou/                Lie groups  
          aɭow /ɛlowa/                topological groups  ↞ ams families of sets
          aɭr /ɛlara/           ring-like structures
          aɭr97t /ɛlaraɲɔjɔta/                          ring elements
          aɭr97u /ɛlaraɲɔjɔu/                          subrings
          aɭr97ud /ɛlaraɲɔjɔuda/                               divisor subsets
          aɭr97uɭ /ɛlaraɲɔjɔula/                               lateral subsets
          aɭre /ɛlare/                semirings
          aɭrj /ɛlaraʒa/                non-associative rings  [non-associative algebra]
          aɭrn /ɛlarana/                non-unitary rings; rngs
          aɭrr /ɛlarara/                rings  [ring theory; associative algebra]
          aɭrrc /ɛlararaʃa/                     commutative rings  [commutative algebra]
          aɭrre /ɛlarare/                     Boolean rings
          aɭrrf /ɛlararafa/                     unique factorization domains
          aɭrri /ɛlarari/                     principal ideal domains
          aɭrrk /ɛlararaka/                     division rings; skew fields
          aɭrrn /ɛlararana/                     noetherian rings
          aɭrrr /ɛlararara/                     Artinian rings
          aɭrru /ɛlararu/                     Lie rings
          aɭrrx /ɛlararaxa/                     fields; polynomials  [field theory]
          aɭrrxn /ɛlararaxana/                          number fields
          aɭrrxt /ɛlararaxata/                          cyclotomic fields
          aɭt /ɛlata/           categories  [category theory]  ↞ ac classes alg non-closed group-like structures
          aɭt97u /ɛlataɲɔjɔu/                          category subsets
          aɭtao /ɛlatɛo/                     objects
          aɭtar /ɛlatɛra/                     morphisms; arrows
          aɭtc /ɛlataʃa/                pre-additive categories
          aɭtdWy /ɛlatadawawɟa/                additive categories
          aɭte /ɛlate/                pre-Abelian categories
          aɭtɭ /ɛlatala/                Abelian categories
          aɭtx /ɛlataxa/                exact categories
          am /ɛma/      combinatorial structures  [combinatorics]
          ame /ɛme/           posets; partially ordered sets  [order theory]
          ame97t /ɛmeɲɔjɔta/                          poset elements; vertices; nodes
          ame97u /ɛmeɲɔjɔu/                          subposets
          ameap /ɛmeɛpa/                     inverse posets; dual posets; dual operation
          amear /ɛmeɛra/                     linear extension of posets
          ameav /ɛmeɛva/                     vertically-indecomposable poset component
          ameax /ɛmeɛxa/                     poset intervals
          amed /ɛmeda/                total orders
          amei /ɛmei/                series-parallel posets
          amek /ɛmeka/                graded posets
          amer /ɛmera/                reduced posets
          amev /ɛmeva/                vertically irreducible posets
          amɭ /ɛmala/           lattice-like structures
          amɭj /ɛmalaʒa/                join-semilattices
          amɭm /ɛmalama/                meet-semilattices
          amɭt /ɛmalata/                lattices
          amɭtc /ɛmalataʃa/                     complete lattices
          amɭtm /ɛmalatama/                     modular lattices
          amɭts /ɛmalatasa/                     distributive lattices
          amr /ɛmara/           graph-like structures
          amr97u /ɛmaraɲɔjɔu/                          subgraphs
          amraf /ɛmarɛfa/                     strong product of graphs  ↞ agp product
          amrag /ɛmarɛga/                     zigzag product of graphs  ↞ agp product
          amrah /ɛmarɛɣa/                     rooted product of graphs  ↞ agp product
          amrar /ɛmarɛra/                     edges; arcs; lines
          amrav /ɛmarɛva/                     vertices; nodes; points
          amraw /ɛmarɛwa/                     graph bridges
          amrax /ɛmarɛxa/                     connected component of graphs
          amray /ɛmarɛɟa/                     graph clique
          amrd /ɛmarada/                directed graphs  ↞ ae relations
          amrdo /ɛmarado/                     oriented graphs
          amrdot /ɛmaradota/                          tournaments
          amrn /ɛmarana/                undirected graphs
          amrns /ɛmaranasa/                     simple graphs  ↞ aeaj symmetric   
          amry /ɛmaraɟa/                undirected hypergraphs
          ams /ɛmasa/           families of sets  ↞ amry undirected hypergraphs
          amse /ɛmase/                Sperner families
          amsh /ɛmasaɣa/                Helly families
          amsm /ɛmasama/                matroids
          amsm97t /ɛmasamaɲɔjɔta/                               matroid elements
          amsmad /ɛmasamɛda/                          dual matroids
          amsmas /ɛmasamɛsa/                          independent sets of matroids
          an /ɛna/      quantities; amounts; numbers  ≈ DDC 513  
          an96 /ɛnaɲɔltɔ/  [ana]                 number property
          an98 /ɛnaɲɔrkɔ/  [anab]                 abundance
          anab /ɛnɛba/                quantifiers
          anabb /ɛnɛbaba/                     negative  ↞ anb negative quantities
          anabc /ɛnɛbaʃa/                     no  ↞ anc none
          anabe /ɛnɛbe/                     very few; very little
          anabf /ɛnɛbafa/                     few; little
          anabi /ɛnɛbi/                     middle; average
          anabm /ɛnɛbama/                     some; a few; positive plural
          anabu /ɛnɛbu/                     many; much
          anabv /ɛnɛbava/                     very many; many many; very much
          anaby /ɛnɛbaɟa/                     all; the totality
          anad /ɛnɛda/                numerals; decimal digits
          anade /ɛnɛde/                     -9
          anadf /ɛnɛdafa/                     -8
          anadg /ɛnɛdaga/                     -7
          anadh /ɛnɛdaɣa/                     -6
          anadi /ɛnɛdi/                     -5
          anadj /ɛnɛdaʒa/                     -4
          anadk /ɛnɛdaka/                     -3
          anadɭ /ɛnɛdala/                     -2
          anadm /ɛnɛdama/                     -1
          anadn /ɛnɛdana/                     -0  
          anado /ɛnɛdo/                     0
          anadp /ɛnɛdapa/                     1
          anadq /ɛnɛdaca/                     2
          anadr /ɛnɛdara/                     3
          anads /ɛnɛdasa/                     4
          anadt /ɛnɛdata/                     5
          anadu /ɛnɛdu/                     6
          anadv /ɛnɛdava/                     7
          anadw /ɛnɛdawa/                     8
          anadx /ɛnɛdaxa/                     9
          anae /ɛnɛe/                primes
          anag /ɛnɛga/                even numbers  ↞ annq two
          anai /ɛnɛi/                integers  [arithmetic; number theory]
          anak /ɛnɛka/                exponential rationals; Q
          anar /ɛnɛra/                reals; R; continuum
          anat /ɛnɛta/                imaginary numbers
          anau /ɛnɛu/                complex numbers
          anaw /ɛnɛwa/                transcendent numbers
          anb /ɛnaba/           negative quantities
          anbd /ɛnabada/                negative tens of billions or more; -10>9
          anbdx /ɛnabadaxa/  [anad]                     negative hundreds of billions; -1011
          anbdy /ɛnabadaɟa/  [anad]                     negative tens of billions; -1010
          anbe /ɛnabe/  [anad]                negative billions; -109
          anbf /ɛnabafa/  [anad]                negative hundreds of millions; -108
          anbg /ɛnabaga/  [anad]                negative tens of millions; -107
          anbh /ɛnabaɣa/  [anad]                negative millions; -106
          anbi /ɛnabi/  [anad]                negative hundreds of thousands; -105
          anbj /ɛnabaʒa/  [anad]                negative tens of thousands; -104
          anbk /ɛnabaka/  [anad]                negative thousands; -103
          anbɭ /ɛnabala/  [anad]                negative hundreds; -102
          anbm /ɛnabama/  [anad]                negative tens; -101
          anbmj /ɛnabamaʒa/  ⋄                     -4 tens
          anbmjɭ /ɛnabamaʒala/  ⋄                          -42
          anbn /ɛnabana/  [anad]                negative units; -100
          anbne /ɛnabane/                     -9
          anbnf /ɛnabanafa/                     -8
          anbng /ɛnabanaga/                     -7
          anbnh /ɛnabanaɣa/                     -6
          anbni /ɛnabani/                     -5
          anbnj /ɛnabanaʒa/                     -4
          anbnjɭ /ɛnabanaʒala/  ⋄                          -4.2
          anbnk /ɛnabanaka/                     -3
          anbnɭ /ɛnabanala/                     -2
          anbnm /ɛnabanama/                     -1; minus one
          anc /ɛnaʃa/           none; no; zero
          andWy /ɛnadawawɟa/           positive quantities
          and /ɛnada/           less than billionths; 10-(>9)
          andw /ɛnadawa/  [anad]                trillionths; pico-; p-; 10-12
          andx /ɛnadaxa/  [anad]                10-11
          andy /ɛnadaɟa/  [anad]                10-10
          ane /ɛne/  [anad]           billionths; nano-; n-; 10-9
          anf /ɛnafa/  [anad]           10-8
          ang /ɛnaga/  [anad]           10-7
          anh /ɛnaɣa/  [anad]           millionths; micro-; μ-; 10-6; 0.00000
          ani /ɛni/  [anad]           10-5; 0.0000
          anj /ɛnaʒa/  [anad]           10-4; 0.000
          ank /ɛnaka/  [anad]           thousandths; milli-; m-; 10-3; 0.00
          anɭ /ɛnala/  [anad]           hundredths; centi-; c-; 10-2; 0.0
          anm /ɛnama/  [anad]           tenths; deci-; d-; 10-1; 0.
          anms /ɛnamasa/  [anad]  ⋄                0.4
          ann /ɛnana/  [anad]           units; 100
          anno /ɛnano/                no unit; 0
          annp /ɛnanapa/                one; a; single; 1
          annq /ɛnanaca/                two; a pair; a couple; 2
          annqU /ɛnanacuj/                     e; base of natural logarithm; 2.71828...
          annr /ɛnanara/                three; 3
          annrU /ɛnanaruj/                     π; pi; 3.14...
          anns /ɛnanasa/                four; 4
          annt /ɛnanata/                five; 5
          annu /ɛnanu/                six; 6
          annv /ɛnanava/                seven; 7
          annw /ɛnanawa/                eight; 8
          annx /ɛnanaxa/                nine; 9
          ano /ɛno/           tens; deca-; da-; 10¹
          anoX /ɛnoxaw/  [anad]                 number of tens
          anoo /ɛnojo/                no ten; less than ten
          anop /ɛnopa/                one ten
          anopX /ɛnopaxaw/  [anad]                      number of units beside one ten  
          anopo /ɛnopo/                     10; ten
          anopp /ɛnopapa/                     11; eleven
          anopq /ɛnopaca/                     12; twelve
          anopr /ɛnopara/                     13; thirteen
          anops /ɛnopasa/                     14; fourteen
          anopt /ɛnopata/                     15; fifteen
          anopu /ɛnopu/                     16; sixteen
          anopv /ɛnopava/                     17; seventeen
          anopw /ɛnopawa/                     18; eighteen
          anopx /ɛnopaxa/                     19; nineteen
          anoq /ɛnoca/                two tens
          anoqo /ɛnoco/                     20; twenty
          anoqp /ɛnocapa/                     21
          anoqq /ɛnocaca/                     22
          anoqr /ɛnocara/                     23
          anoqs /ɛnocasa/                     24
          anoqt /ɛnocata/                     25
          anoqu /ɛnocu/                     26
          anoqv /ɛnocava/                     27
          anoqw /ɛnocawa/                     28
          anoqx /ɛnocaxa/                     29
          anor /ɛnora/                three tens
          anos /ɛnosa/                four tens
          anot /ɛnota/                five tens
          anou /ɛnou/                six tens
          anov /ɛnova/                seven tens
          anow /ɛnowa/                eight tens
          anox /ɛnoxa/                nine tens
          anp /ɛnapa/           hundreds; hecto-; h-; 10²
          anpX /ɛnapaxaw/  [anad]                 number of hundreds
          anpp /ɛnapapa/                one hundred
          anppq /ɛnapapaca/  ⋄                     one hundred and two tens
          anppqo /ɛnapapaco/  ⋄                          one hundred twenty; 120
          anpq /ɛnapaca/                two hundreds
          anpqo /ɛnapaco/  ⋄                     two hundreds and zero tens
          anpqoo /ɛnapacojo/  ⋄                          200
          anpqooo /ɛnapacojojo/  ⋄                               200.0
          anpqos /ɛnapacosa/  ⋄                          204
          anpqost /ɛnapacosata/  ⋄                               204.5
          anq /ɛnaca/           thousands; kilo-; K-; 10³
          anqp /ɛnacapa/                one thousand
          anr /ɛnara/           tens of thousands; myria-; 104
          ans /ɛnasa/           hundreds of thousands; 105
          ant /ɛnata/           millions; mega-; M-; 106
          anu /ɛnu/           tens of millions; 107
          anv /ɛnava/           hundreds of millions; 108
          anw /ɛnawa/           billions; giga-; G-; 109
          anx /ɛnaxa/           more than billions; 10>9
          anxb /ɛnaxaba/                tens of billions; 1010
          anxc /ɛnaxaʃa/