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Expanded class 3

    broader class

          3  by agent; actor
          3(Y)       are affected by
          30   [A]      by; due to cause; less affected phenomenon
          304   [A]           producing; making; explaining product; effect
          31   [U]      evolved from originator
          310   [A]           evolved from; come from previous stage; origin; background; source; provenance; phylogeny  [phylogenetics]
          3140   [A]                becoming; evolving into
          32   [uU]      native to; of homeland; motherland
          33   [U]      made by; produced; created by creator; author; producer
          330   [A]           because of; determinated by; explained by efficient cause; reason; rationale
          3304   [A]                creating; making creation; artifact
          34   [U]      interacting with; communicating with; reciprocally influencing interagent  
          340   [A]           interacting with other phenomenon
          35   [U]      played by; steered by operator
          357   [U]           through collaborator; mediator; influencer
          36   [t7]      for beneficiary; patient; assistee; addressee
          360   [A]           towards; for goal; purpose; destination; potential; sake; final cause  [teleonomy; teleology]  
          37   [X]      through; by tool; catalyzer
          370   [A]           through; exposed to; subjected to factor; mean; mediator; external tool
          3704   [A]                influencing influenced phenomenon
          38   [X]      resulting from force; pressure
          39       with; by special tool; instrument; equipment
          3X       something
          rtc90r(3i)   ⋄                                    pots  [pottery]
          rtc90r(3ik)   ⋄                                    baskets  [basketry; basketmaking; basket weaving]
          x90r(3i)                           art ceramics; pottery  ↞ rtcg ceramics and glass crafts   ≈ DDC 730
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6  having property    +
7  with part          +
8  in quantity        +
9  of quality         +


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