ISKO Italia. Integrative level classification

Collection on innovation and industrial change

by Marcella Patania

A collection of books devoted to innovation and industrial change owned by the Economics department library at Turin university is being indexed using the principles developed within the Integrative level classification research project.

After analyzing a preliminary sample of book titles, it has been realized that the topic is broad enough to directly use the ILC main scheme, rather than a special scheme derived from it. In turn, the process of classifying this collection is an occasion to improve and enrich the structure of some classes, especially:

Plans include the creation of an experimental classified search interface, which should appear here in future.

Sources and references

Useful references are papers by Barbara Kyle and Douglas Foskett concerning integrative level classification in the social sciences.

Terminological information is provided by the OECD macrothesaurus, the Free dictionary, the Glossario CNEL, and "The new Palgrave: a dictionary of economics" (Eatwell et al. eds., Macmillan).


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