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hierarchical chain (BT, NT):
      main classes
   y   scholarship
   y5c   research   ☛
   y5cb   observation
   y5cc   experience
   y5cd   examination of physical tracks
   y5ce   sensing
   y5cf   recording
   y5cg   marking
   y5ch   experimentation
   y5ci   case study
   y5cj   interview
   y5ck   survey
   y5cl   textual analysis
   y5cm   mathematical analysis
   y5cn   probability estimation
   y5co   statistical analysis
   y5cr   comparison
   y5cs   modeling
   y5cu   mapmaking
   y5cx   classification

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defined foci:
verbal caption:research
synonyms (UF):approach; method
description synonyms:
discipline (RT):
semantic factors (RT):
special facets:y [] scholarship
y1 [] knowledge change
y17 [w1] at time
y195 [an] issued each days
y2 [] in academy
y27 [uU] in region
y3 [] using tool
y31 [y] derived from source
y313 [y] translation of document in original language
y3133 [qv] translated from original language
y3134 [y] free translation of
y314 [y] commenting commented source
y3143 [y] building on basis
y3145 [y] answering answered source
y3146 [y] supporting
y3148 [y] reviewing reviewed document
y315 [y] abridged from
y3154 [y] expurgated from
y3157 [y] summary of summarized source
y316 [y] paraphrase of
y317 [y] copy of original source
y318 [y] adaptation of source of different genre
y3188 [y] imitation of
y33 [U] introduced by innovator
y34 [y] criticizing opposed view
y35 [U] by learned person
y352 [U] distributed by distributor
y353 [U] published by publisher
y3537 [U] printed by printer
y355 [U] translated by translator
y356 [U] presented to honoured author
y357 [U] with contribution by contributor
y358 [U] edited by editor
y36 [t7] for audience
y37 [y] influenced by source
y4 [] antithesis
y5 [] intellectual activity
y5c [] research
y6 [] style of thought
y7 [] component
y71 [an] section
y76 [x] in art work
y77 [su] recorded in carrier
y8 [] expertise
y84 [] veracity
y858 [an89] cultural diversity
y9 [X] tradition
y91 [w1] known in time
y92 [uU] known in region
y93 [U] by thinker
y95 [qv] among speakers of language
y96 [wr] faith
scope note (SN):
ILC2 map:yam research methods
DDC map:
record updated:2023-01-02 22:18:42

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