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hierarchical chain (BT, NT):
      main classes
   u   polities   ☛
   u3   by
   u4   committing
   uU   contemporary political divisions
   ub   bands
   ue   tribes
   uh   chiefdoms
   uk   city-states
   up   empires
   ut   modern nation states
   uu   supranational unions
   uw   intergovernmental organizations

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defined foci:
verbal caption:polities
synonyms (UF):political units; political power; governments
description synonyms:
discipline (RT):political sciences; law
semantic factors (RT):t j
special facets:u [] polities
u17 [w1] in fiscal year
u27 [uU] in region
u3 [] by political group
u31 [uU] derived from previous polity
u35 [U] ruled by ruler
u39 [] party platform
u4 [] committing crime
u43 [uU] against enemy polity
u49 [] subjected to sanction
u5 [] procedure
u579 [] step in policy cycle
u6 [] regime
u63 [wt] inspired to religion
u66 [p6] promoting principle
u69 [] law type
u7 [] department
u72 [uU] regional subdivision
u87 [an89] groups
u88 [an] producing $/y output
u91 [w1] founded in foundation time
u917 [w1] office start
u919 [ty] of historical period
u92 [uU] in capital place
u922 [jU] of territory
u927 [uU] in jurisdiction
u94 [uU] related to related polity
u943 [uU] influenced by dominant polity
u949 [uU] cooperating with cooperating polity
u95 [qv] speaking official language
scope note (SN):see ; "state is an organisation located in a combination of place and time (period), tied to this sometimes persons and systems (Alexander the Great or communism)" (Cousson)
ILC2 map:t polities
DDC map:320
record updated:2023-04-25 17:31:29

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