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hierarchical chain (BT, NT):
      main classes
   p   consciousness
   pe   emotions   ☛
   pec   fear
   ped   awe
   pef   surprise
   peg   disapproval
   pei   sadness
   pej   remorse
   pel   disgust
   pem   contempt
   peo   anger
   pep   aggressiveness
   per   anticipation
   pes   optimistic feeling
   peu   joy
   pev   love
   pex   trust
   pey   submission

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defined foci:
verbal caption:emotions
synonyms (UF):feelings; affections
description synonyms:
discipline (RT):
semantic factors (RT):
special facets:p [] consciousness
p4 [] mental disorder
p5 [] living experience
p6 [] driven by desire
p66 [_] looking for goal
p7 [X] faculty
p72 [mq7nr] located in brain region
p8 [] arousal
p88 [an8] valence
p91 [w1] born on birth time
p912 [jU] born in birthplace
p914 [w1] dead on death time
p9142 [jU] dead in deathplace
p915 [w1] living in time
p92 [uU] living in homeland
p96 [t7] of person class
p968 [q388] wealth class
p97 [mq] of organism
pe [] emotions
uUdi(91px)p [] Poitou-Charentes
uUdm(91px)p [] Picardie
scope note (SN):subclasses based on Plutchik's Wheel of Emotions
ILC2 map:pe emotions
DDC map:
record updated:2020-03-04 14:18:35

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