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hierarchical chain (BT, NT):
      main classes
   m   organisms
   mq   animals
   mqv   chordates
   mqvt   mammals   ☛
   mqvtb   triconodonta
   mqvtbzd   docodonta
   mqvtc   monotremata
   mqvtczm   multituberculata
   mqvtczs   symmetrodonta
   mqvtczt   pantotheria
   mqvtd   marsupialia
   mqvte   insectivora
   mqvtezd   dermoptera
   mqvtf   bats
   mqvtg   primates
   mqvth   tillodontia
   mqvti   taeniodonta
   mqvtj   edentata
   mqvtk   pholidota
   mqvtl   lagomorpha
   mqvtm   rodents
   mqvtn   whales
   mqvto   carnivora
   mqvtp   condylartra
   mqvtpzl   litopterna
   mqvtpzn   notoungulata
   mqvtpzs   astrapoteria
   mqvtq   tubulidentata
   mqvtqzc   pantodonta
   mqvtqzd   dinocerata
   mqvtqzp   pyrotheria
   mqvtr   elephants
   mqvtrze   embrithopoda
   mqvtrzh   hyracoidea
   mqvts   sirenia
   mqvtt   perissodactyla
   mqvtu   artiodactyla

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defined foci:
verbal caption:mammals
synonyms (UF):mammalia
description synonyms:
discipline (RT):mammalogy; theriology
semantic factors (RT):
special facets:m [] organisms
m25 [ny] in habitat
m37 [X] symbiont
m4 [X] affected by disease
m42 [] correlated with risk factor
m439 [] acquired from pathogen
m45 [_] pathogenesis
m47 [m4] with complication
m48 [an89] outcome
m49 [X] showing symptom
m5 [] function
m58 [l5] metabolic process
m6 [X] trait
m7 [X] organ
m78 [lu] cell type
m79 [X] tissue
m8 [] growth stage
m81 [an89] aged years age
m827 [an89] length
m83 [an89] weight
m838 [an] weighing g
m88 [an] quantity
m9 [] sex
m91 [i1] lived in era
m92 [jU] distributed in range
m93 [m] descendant of ancestor taxon
m938 [m] son of parent
m97 [X] with qualifying organ
m974 [X] without missing organ
mq [] animals
mq4 [] animal disease
mq433 [sb] sensitive to food pathogen
mq45 [] pathogenesis
mq46 [p4] implying mental consequence
mq47 [] with complication
mq48 [] outcome
mq5 [] animal function
mq7 [] animal organ
mq79 [] animal tissue
mq97 [mq7] with qualifying organ
mq974 [mq7] without missing organ
mqv [] chordates
scope note (SN):
ILC2 map:mqvt mammals
DDC map:599
record updated:2020-03-04 14:19:00

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