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hierarchical chain (BT, NT):
      main classes
   m   organisms
   mq   animals
   mqr   arthropoda
   mqri   insects   ☛
   mqrib   bristletails
   mqribzi   silverfish
   mqribzm   monura
   mqric   mayflies
   mqriczd   palaeodictyoptera
   mqriczg   megasecoptera
   mqriczh   archodonata
   mqriczn   diaphanopterodea
   mqriczp   protodonata
   mqrid   odonata
   mqrie   gladiators
   mqriezc   caloneurodea
   mqriezg   ice-crawlers
   mqriezi   titanoptera
   mqriezp   protorthoptera
   mqrif   stoneflies
   mqrifze   webspinners
   mqrifzy   angel insects
   mqrig   earwigs
   mqrih   orthoptera
   mqrii   stick insects
   mqrij   cockroaches
   mqrik   termites
   mqril   mantids
   mqrim   booklice and barklice
   mqrin   thrips
   mqrio   lice
   mqrip   true bugs
   mqriq   hymenoptera
   mqrir   beetles
   mqris   twisted-winged parasites
   mqrit   net-veined insects
   mqritzm   megaloptera
   mqritzr   snakeflies
   mqriu   mecoptera
   mqriv   fleas
   mqrivzp   protodiptera
   mqriw   flies
   mqrix   caddisflies
   mqriy   lepidoptera
   mqriyzg   glosselytrodea
   mqriyzm   miomoptera

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defined foci:
verbal caption:insects
synonyms (UF):insecta; hexapoda
description synonyms:
discipline (RT):entomology
semantic factors (RT):
special facets:m [] organisms
m25 [ny] in habitat
m37 [X] symbiont
m4 [X] affected by disease
m42 [] correlated with risk factor
m439 [] acquired from pathogen
m45 [_] pathogenesis
m47 [m4] with complication
m48 [an89] outcome
m49 [X] showing symptom
m5 [] function
m58 [l5] metabolic process
m6 [X] trait
m7 [X] organ
m78 [lu] cell type
m79 [X] tissue
m8 [] growth stage
m81 [an89] aged years age
m827 [an89] length
m83 [an89] weight
m838 [an] weighing g
m88 [an] quantity
m9 [] sex
m91 [i1] lived in era
m92 [jU] distributed in range
m93 [m] descendant of ancestor taxon
m938 [m] son of parent
m97 [X] with qualifying organ
m974 [X] without missing organ
mq [] animals
mq4 [] animal disease
mq433 [sb] sensitive to food pathogen
mq45 [] pathogenesis
mq46 [p4] implying mental consequence
mq47 [] with complication
mq48 [] outcome
mq5 [] animal function
mq7 [] animal organ
mq79 [] animal tissue
mq97 [mq7] with qualifying organ
mq974 [mq7] without missing organ
mqr [] arthropoda
scope note (SN):
ILC2 map:mqri insects
DDC map:
record updated:2020-03-04 14:18:35

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