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hierarchical chain (BT, NT):
      main classes
   m   organisms
   mq   animals   ☛
   mqU   animals of special interest for humans
   mqb   mesozoa
   mqc   sponges
   mqd   cnidaria
   mqdzt   ctenophora
   mqe   flatworms
   mqf   gnathostomulida
   mqg   nemertinea
   mqgze   entoprocta
   mqh   rotifera
   mqhzg   gastrotricha
   mqhzk   kinorhyncha
   mqi   nematoda
   mqj   bryozoa
   mqk   phoronida
   mql   brachiopoda
   mqm   mollusca
   mqn   annelida
   mqo   sipuncula
   mqp   echiura
   mqq   priapulida
   mqqzg   pogonophora
   mqqzo   onychophora
   mqr   arthropoda
   mqrzp   pentastomida
   mqrzt   tardigrada
   mqs   chaetognata
   mqt   echinoderms
   mqv   chordates

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defined foci:
verbal caption:animals
synonyms (UF):metazoa
description synonyms:
discipline (RT):zoology
semantic factors (RT):lus
special facets:m [] organisms
m25 [ny] in habitat
m37 [X] symbiont
m4 [X] affected by disease
m42 [] correlated with risk factor
m439 [] acquired from pathogen
m45 [_] pathogenesis
m47 [m4] with complication
m48 [an89] outcome
m49 [X] showing symptom
m5 [] function
m58 [l5] metabolic process
m6 [X] trait
m7 [X] organ
m78 [lu] cell type
m79 [X] tissue
m8 [] growth stage
m81 [an89] aged years age
m827 [an89] length
m83 [an89] weight
m838 [an] weighing g
m88 [an] quantity
m9 [] sex
m91 [i1] lived in era
m92 [jU] distributed in range
m93 [m] descendant of ancestor taxon
m938 [m] son of parent
m97 [X] with qualifying organ
m974 [X] without missing organ
mq [] animals
mq4 [] animal disease
mq433 [sb] sensitive to food pathogen
mq45 [] pathogenesis
mq46 [p4] implying mental consequence
mq47 [] with complication
mq48 [] outcome
mq5 [] animal function
mq7 [] animal organ
mq79 [] animal tissue
mq97 [mq7] with qualifying organ
mq974 [mq7] without missing organ
scope note (SN):systematics from Storer et al', General zoology, 6th ed', 1979
ILC2 map:mq animals
DDC map:590
record updated:2021-03-20 18:44:59

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