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hierarchical chain (BT, NT):
      main classes
   j   landforms
   jU   landmasses of the contemporary Earth
   jUj   Eurasia   ☛
   jUjb   Volga basin
   jUjc   Amu Darya basin
   jUjczd   Syr Darya basin
   jUjczk   Balkash basin
   jUjczm   Tarim basin
   jUjczs   Dead Sea basin
   jUjczv   Sakarya basin
   jUjczw   Kizilirmak basin
   jUjczx   Coruh basin
   jUjczy   Kuban basin
   jUjd   Don basin
   jUje   Dniepr basin
   jUjezg   Southern Bug basin
   jUjezn   Dniestr basin
   jUjf   Danube basin
   jUjfze   Veleka basin
   jUjfzf   Rezvaya basin
   jUjfzi   Maritsa basin
   jUjfzk   Struma basin
   jUjfzm   Vardar basin
   jUjfzp   Vijose basin
   jUjfzr   Drin basin
   jUjfzt   Istinye basin
   jUjg   Po basin
   jUjgzc   Reno basin
   jUjgzd   Marecchia basin
   jUjgze   Metauro basin
   jUjgzf   Aterno-Pescara basin
   jUjgzg   Crati basin
   jUjgzh   Neto basin
   jUjgzi   Noce basin
   jUjgzj   Sele basin
   jUjgzk   Sarno basin
   jUjgzl   Volturno basin
   jUjgzm   Liri-Garigliano basin
   jUjgzn   Tevere basin
   jUjgzo   Albegna basin
   jUjgzp   Ombrone basin
   jUjgzq   Arno basin
   jUjgzr   Serchio basin
   jUjgzs   Magra basin
   jUjgzt   Entella basin
   jUjgzu   Roia basin
   jUjh   Rhone basin
   jUjhzm   Muga basin
   jUji   Ebro basin
   jUjizl   Guadalquivir basin
   jUjizu   Guadiana basin
   jUjj   Tejo basin
   jUjjzd   Douro basin
   jUjjzl   Lima basin
   jUjjzm   Mino basin
   jUjjzu   Garonne basin
   jUjk   Loire basin
   jUjl   Seine basin
   jUjlzx   Meuse basin
   jUjm   Rhine basin
   jUjmzs   Weser basin
   jUjn   Elbe basin
   jUjnzc   Oder basin
   jUjnzd   Wisla basin
   jUjnze   Neman basin
   jUjnzf   Western Dvina basin
   jUjnzg   Narva basin
   jUjnzh   Vuoksi-Neva basin
   jUjnzi   Kemijoki basin
   jUjnzj   Kalix basin
   jUjnzl   Lule basin
   jUjnzm   Dalalven basin
   jUjnzn   Lake Vattern basin
   jUjnzo   Vaenern-Goeta basin
   jUjnzp   Gloma basin
   jUjnzq   Dramselv basin
   jUjnzr   Northern Dvina basin
   jUjnzs   Pechora basin
   jUjnzt   Ob basin
   jUjnzu   Yenisei basin
   jUjnzv   Lena basin
   jUjnzw   Khatanga basin
   jUjnzx   Indigirka basin
   jUjnzy   Kolyma basin
   jUjo   Amur basin
   jUjozh   Hai River basin
   jUjp   Huang He basin
   jUjq   Yangtze basin
   jUjr   Xi Jiang basin
   jUjs   Pearl River basin
   jUjt   Mekong basin
   jUju   Irrawaddy basin
   jUjv   Ganges-Brahmaputra basin
   jUjw   Godavari basin
   jUjx   Indus basin
   jUjy   Tigris & Euphrate basin

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defined foci:
verbal caption:Eurasia
synonyms (UF):
description synonyms:
discipline (RT):
semantic factors (RT):
special facets:j [] landforms
j1 [] on month-day
j13 [i1] formed in era
j159 [] on week day
j169 [] at lunar phase
j179 [] at day time
j189 [] at time
j19 [] in season
j28 [hp] on planet
j3 [] weather
j37 [j7] from cardinal direction
j383 [an] mm/year average precipitations
j384 [an] K average temperature
j39 [] climates
j5 [] modelling process
j7 [] cardinal directions
j79 [] basin part
j8 [] latitude degrees
j82 [an] of Km2 surface
j83 [an8] at altitude Km a.s.l.
j836 [an8] sloping tens degrees
j89 [] longitude degrees
j92 [uU] of region
jU [] landmasses of the contemporary Earth
jUj [] Eurasia
scope note (SN):
ILC2 map:jUeWg Eurasia
DDC map:
record updated:2020-03-20 17:25:20

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