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hierarchical chain (BT, NT):
      main classes
   h   celestial objects   ☛
   h5   motion
   hU   the Earth
   hb   nebulae
   hc   clouds
   hd   dark matter
   hg   galaxies
   hh   galaxy associations
   hk   brown dwarves
   hl   stars
   hp   planets
   hq   minor planets
   hr   meteoroids
   hs   planetary satellites
   ht   planetary systems
   hu   star clusters

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defined foci:
verbal caption:celestial objects
synonyms (UF):heavenly bodies; cosmic structures; astronomical objects
description synonyms:
discipline (RT):astronomy; astrophysics; cosmology
semantic factors (RT):g
special facets:h [] celestial objects
h28 [j8] at declination
h282 [an] at distance from Earth light years
h287 [j88] hour angle
h288 [j88] at right ascension
h5 [] motion
h52 [an] orbiting in terrestrial days revolution period
h526 [an] rotating in terrestrial days rotation period
h585 [an] velocity m/s2
h5852 [j7] velocity direction
h5855 [an] acceleration m/s²
h7 [] structural layer
h84 [an] color index
h88 [an] absolute magnitude
h886 [an] apparent magnitude
h9 [X] body kind
h91 [51] evolutionary stage
h92 [h] orbiting central object
uUdl(91px)h [] Haute Normandie
scope note (SN):Channon 2011, KO 38 n. 4
ILC2 map:h celestial bodies
DDC map:520 523
record updated:2024-04-03 11:10:19

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