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hierarchical chain (BT, NT):
      main classes
   d   energy
   d5   emitting   ☛
   d5c   alpha radiation
   d5e   beta radiation
   d5l   electromagnetic radiation
   d5n   neutron radiation
   d5t   thermal radiation

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defined foci:
verbal caption:emitting
synonyms (UF):transmitting
description synonyms:
discipline (RT):
semantic factors (RT):
special facets:d [] energy
d3 [] attracted by fundamental interaction
d34 [d] entangled with entangled particle
d5 [] emitting radiation
d58 [an] brightness
d59 [] electromagnetic component
d6 [] energy form
d65 [d6] transforming into new energy form
d7 [] in quanta
d81 [an] lasting s average lifetime
d9 [] particle statistics
d96 [an89] with spin
d969 [an] with isospin
d98 [an89] with charge
scope note (SN):
ILC2 map:dar radiations
DDC map:539
record updated:2021-04-01 13:35:47

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