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hierarchical chain (BT, NT):
      main classes
   0   as for
   00   as attested in
   007   as in
   0074   corrupted by   ☛

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defined foci:s4
verbal caption:corrupted by
synonyms (UF):
description synonyms:
discipline (RT):
semantic factors (RT):
special facets:0 [A] as for perspective
0(Y) [] are seen from
00 [A] as attested in document
001 [w1] produced in publication time
002 [uU] produced in publication region
003 [U] by author
0032 [U] distributed by distributor
0033 [U] published by publisher
00337 [U] printed by printer
0035 [U] translated by translator
0036 [U] presented to honoured author
0037 [U] with contribution by contributing author
0038 [U] edited by editor
004 [y] commenting on commented resource
0043 [y] building on basic resource
0044 [y] criticizing criticized resource
0045 [y] answering answered resource
0046 [y] commenting favourably
0047 [y] summarizing summarized resource
0048 [y] reviewing reviewed resource
005 [qv] in language
0053 [qv] translated from original language
0055 [qv] paraphrased from original language
0056 [q69] style
0058 [xl] in literary form
006 [t7] treated for target
0061 [uw] for school level
007 [yd] as in document format
0074 [s4] corrupted by damage
008 [an] as in KB document size
01 [w1] as known in historical period
02 [uU] as known in region
026 [ty] as known in culture
03 [y5c] studied by general research method
031 [y] studied through research stage
032 [y12] studied in research environment
033 [U] studied by researcher
035 [y5] studied through research procedure
037 [s] using research tool
038 [y] studied using source
039 [] studied by special method
04 [A] viewing modeled knowledge
05 [q9] conveying communicative function
06 [ysh9] according to general theory
065 [cpo] theorized as undergoing path
068 [an89] theory applicability
07 [ys] studied in discipline
073 [t7] among discourse community
076 [s] applied to activity field
08 [y84] veracity
081 [w1] as set at time
082 [uU] as set in region
083 [U] as helped by friend character
084 [U] as opposed by evil force
085 [os] as narrated in story
086 [an89] occurring
087 [U] as with character
088 [an] probability
09 [] according to special theory
scope note (SN):
ILC2 map:004 corrupted by
DDC map:
record updated:2022-12-28 10:58:20

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