ISKO Italia. Integrative level classification


the Dandelion bibliography of facet analysis

by HONG Mei

This bibliography collects references, both printed and on the Web, concerning facet analysis theory and its application to knowledge organization. Currently it is under construction, but a demo search interface is available.

References are organized by the Dandelion subject indexing classification, a freely faceted special scheme based on ILC, as part of development and testing for the Integrative level classification research project.

Like the dandelion seeds fly in the air, information flies freely in the intellectual space, and freely faceted classification expresses its content. If we don't pay much attention, we are not aware of any background of it. However, background exists: the seeds originally belong to one same flower, to one root. This unity of knowledge is expressed by integrative level classification, based on the ontological assumption of the unity and interconnection of reality.

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