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Expanded class ydc

    broader class

          ydc            written texts
          ydcY                  title
          ydcb                 personal diaries
          ydcd                 private letters
          ydceWg                 press
          ydce                 newspapers  ≈ DDC 050 070
          ydcg                 magazines  ≈ DDC 050
          ydcg7Dc                                column
          ydcj                 academic journals; research serials  ≈ DDC 050
          ydck                 academic series; collections
          ydcɭ                 conference proceedings  ↞ y5g congresses
          ydcm                 monographs
          ydcm7Dc                                covers; package; box
          ydcm7Df                                front page
          ydcm7Dh                                table of contents
          ydcm7Dk                                chapter; section
          ydcm7Dn                                notes
          ydcm7Du                                appendix; extra; bonus
          ydcm7Dw                                bibliography; references
          ydcm7Dx                                index
          ydcmb                      essays; non-systematic expositions
          ydcmd                      introductions
          ydcme                      textbooks; didactic expositions  ↞ y5t education
          ydcmee                           teaching program books
          ydcmei                           exercise books
          ydcmeu                           examination preparation books
          ydcmg                      guides; practical information
          ydcmr                      treatises; systematic exposition
          ydcms                      summae
          ydcmx                      classics
          ydcn                 working reports
          ydcnd                      dissertations; theses  ↞ swu universities
          ydcnr                      activity reports; research reports
          ydco                 official publications
          ydcoɭ                      law texts  ↞ v legal entities
          ydcop                      patent documents
          ydcq                 sacred texts  ↞ w7s scriptures
          ydct                 tables; data base; statistics
          ydcuWy                 reference works
          ydcu                 atlases  ↞ j landforms
          ydcv                 almanacs; agendas
          ydcw                 dictionaries; encyclopaedia; directories  ≈ DDC 030
          ydcx                 indexes; indices; bibliographies; catalogues  ≈ DDC 010 011
Connected classes:
                 w7s           scriptures; religious texts  ↞ ydc 
                 y5cfb                     taking notes  ↞ ydc 

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