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Expanded class vwl

    broader class

          vwɭ            alphabets
          vwɭg                 Greek alphabet  ↞ vveg Greek language
          vwɭg7E{β}   ⋄                                    letter β
          vwɭɭ                 Latin alphabet  ↞ vvei Romance languages
          vwɭɭ7EX                                Latin letters
          vwɭɭ7EXc                                     uppercase Latin letters  ↞ vwlac 
          vwɭɭ7EXs                                     lowercase Latin letters  ↞ vwlas 
          vwɭɭ7Eb                                a; letter a
          vwɭɭ7Ebc   ⋄                                    uppercase a; A
          vwɭɭ7Ebs   ⋄                                    lowercase a; a
          vwɭɭ7Ebzb                                bee; letter b
          vwɭɭ7Ec                                cee
          vwɭɭ7Ed                                dee
          vwɭɭ7Ee                                e
          vwɭɭ7Ef                                ef
          vwɭɭ7Eg                                gee
          vwɭɭ7Eh                                aitch; haitch
          vwɭɭ7Ei                                i
          vwɭɭ7Ej                                jay; jy
          vwɭɭ7Ek                                kay
          vwɭɭ7Eɭ                                el; ell
          vwɭɭ7Em                                em
          vwɭɭ7En                                en
          vwɭɭ7Eo                                o
          vwɭɭ7Ep                                pee
          vwɭɭ7Er                                ar; or
          vwɭɭ7Es                                ess
          vwɭɭ7Et                                tee
          vwɭɭ7Eu                                u
          vwɭɭ7Ev                                vee
          vwɭɭ7Ew                                double-u
          vwɭɭ7Ex                                ex
          vwɭɭ7Ey                                wy
          vwɭɭ7Eyzd                                zed; zee
          vwɭɭ7_Ev                                     cue
          vwɭɭi                      Icelandic alphabet
          vwɭr                 Cyrillic alphabet  ↞ vves Slavic languages
          vwɭrr                      Russian alphabet
          vwɭu                 Hangul
          vwɭv                 Glagolitic alphabet
          vwɭw                 Morse code
          vwɭx                 fingerspelling; dactylology; manual alphabet
          vwɭxd                      deaf-dumb alphabet  ↞ mqad97o 
          vwɭy                 Braille alphabet
Connected classes:
                 vwɭɭ7EXc                                    uppercase Latin letters  ↞ vwlac 
                 vwɭɭ7EXs                                    lowercase Latin letters  ↞ vwlas 

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