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Expanded class vvd

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          vvd            Niger-Congo languages; Niger-Kordofanian languages  ≈ DDC 496
          vvde                 Senegambian languages
          vvdef                      Fula language; Fulani; Fulah; Fufulde
          vvdeo                      Wolof language
          vvdn                 Bantu languages
          vvdnb                      Sawabantu languages
          vvdnbd                           Duala language
          vvdnbdm                                Mungo dialect
          vvdnh                      Northeast Bantu languages
          vvdnhs                           Swahili language
          vvdnx                      Shona languages
          vvdny                      Southern Bantu languages
          vvdnyn                           Nguni languages
          vvdnynh                                Xhosa language
          vvdnynɭ                                Zulu language
          vvdzg            Aegean languages; Tyrrhenian languages including Etruscan, Lemnian and Helvetian  
          vvdzk            Khoe languages  ≈ DDC 496  
          vvdzt            Tuu languages  ≈ DDC 496  
          vvdzx            Basque language; Euskera; Euskara
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