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Expanded class vfX

    broader class

          vfX            manners of articulation
          vfXX                 points of articulation
          vfXXX                      phonation
          vfXXXX                           airstream
          vfXXXc                           click; lingual ingressive; velaric ingressive
          vfXXXi                           implosive; glottalic ingressive
          vfXXXk                           ejective; glottalic egressive
          vfXXXp                           pulmonic
          vfXXc                      voiceless
          vfXXe                      breathy voice; murmur; whispery voice; soughing; susurration
          vfXXg                      slack voice; lax voice
          vfXXh                      half voiced; partially voiced
          vfXXm                      voiced; modal voice
          vfXXs                      stiff voice
          vfXXv                      creaky voice
          vfXXy                      glottal closure
          vfXbWd                 labial
          vfXb                 bilabial
          vfXc                 labiodental
          vfXd                 dentolabial
          vfXgWɭ                 coronal
          vfXg                 linguolabial
          vfXi                 interdental
          vfXj                 dental
          vfXɭ                 alveolar
          vfXmWo                 postalveolar
          vfXm                 palato-alveolar
          vfXn                 alveo-palatal
          vfXo                 retroflex
          vfXp                 prepalatal
          vfXq                 labio-palatal; rounded front
          vfXr                 palatal; front
          vfXs                 labioprevelar; rounded central
          vfXt                 prevelar; central
          vfXu                 labiovelar; rounded back
          vfXv                 velar; back
          vfXw                 uvular
          vfXxWy                 laringeal; guttural
          vfXx                 pharingeal; epiglottal
          vfXy                 glottal
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