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Expanded class sbb

    broader class

          sbb            vegetables  ↞ mpw flowering plants
          sbbg                 legumes  ↞ mpwrcf fabaceae
          sbbgb                      beans  ↞ mpwrcfp beans
          sbbgbg                           green beans; French beans; string beans; snap beans; haricots vert
          sbbgp                      peas  ↞ mpwrcfqp peas
          sbbgs                      chickpeas; chick peas  ↞ mpwrcfs Cicer
          sbbɭ                 leaf vegetables; leafy greens; salad greens; pot herbs  ↞ mp7l leaves
          sbbɭc                      cabbage; Brussels sprouts; cauliflower; broccoli; kale  ↞ mpwnpibc cabbages
          sbbɭɭ                      lettuce  ↞ mpwtwcls lettuce
          sbbɭs                      spinach  ↞ mpwkcpss spinach
          sbbm                 cucurbits  ↞ mpwnlv cucurbitaceae
          sbbmp                      pumpkins; squashes; marrows; zucchini; courgettes; gourds  ↞ mpwnlvs squashes
          sbbn                 eggplants; aubergines; brinjals  ↞ mpwtdhse eggplants
          sbbp                 peppers  ↞ mpwtdhp peppers
          sbbq                 edible seaweed  ↞ mo red algae mpb chlorophytes mpc charophytes
          sbbr                 root vegetables  ↞ mp7f roots mp7g stem
          sbbrc                      carrots  ↞ mpwrxpdc carrot
          sbbrm                      maniocs; cassavas; yucas  ↞ mpwrousms cassava
          sbbrp                      potatoes  ↞ mpwtdhsp potatoes
          sbbrp5oy                                      fried potatoes; chips; French fries
          sbbrs                      sweet potatoes
          sbbsb                      bulbs
          sbbsbg                           garlic  ↞ mpwberlg garlic
          sbbsbo                           onions  ↞ mpwberlo onions
          sbbt                 tomatoes  ↞ mpwtdhst tomatoes
          sbbu                 edible fungi  ↞ mn fungi
          sbbv                 table olives  ↞ mpwtoeo olive trees
Connected classes:
                 sbut                tomato sauces  ↞ sbbt 
                 sbvhbv                          fruit and vegetable beers  ↞ sbb sbc 

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