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Expanded class mpwtwc

    broader class

          mpwtwc                           asteraceae; compositae
          mpwtwcb                                Ambrosia
          mpwtwcc                                chicory; Cichorium
          mpwtwcd                                Dahlia
          mpwtwce                                Dendranthema
          mpwtwcf                                Argyranthemum
          mpwtwcg                                Gerbera
          mpwtwch                                Helianthus
          mpwtwchf                                     sunflowers; Helianthus annuus
          mpwtwcht                                     Jerusalem artichoke; Helianthus tuberosus
          mpwtwci                                Zinnia
          mpwtwcj                                Artemisia
          mpwtwcjb                                     absinthe; Artemisia absinthium
          mpwtwcjd                                     tarragon; Artemisia dracunculus
          mpwtwck                                knapweed; Centaurea
          mpwtwcɭ                                Lactuca
          mpwtwcɭs                                     lettuce; Lactuca sativa
          mpwtwcm                                Smallanthus
          mpwtwcms                                     yacón; Smallanthus sonchifolius
          mpwtwcn                                Senecio
          mpwtwcnv                                     groundsel; Senecio vulgaris
          mpwtwco                                goldenrod; Solidago
          mpwtwcp                                Calendula
          mpwtwcq                                safflower; Carthamus tinctorius
          mpwtwcr                                Chrysanthemum
          mpwtwcs                                ragwort; Senecio jacobaea
          mpwtwct                                dandelion; araxacum
          mpwtwcu                                tagetes
          mpwtwcy                                globe artichoke; Cynara scolymus
Connected classes:
                 sbbɭɭ                     lettuce  ↞ mpwtwcls 

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