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Expanded class mpwkc

    broader class

          mpwkc                      caryophyllales
          mpwkcb                           phytolaccaceae
          mpwkcd                           achatocarpaceae
          mpwkcf                           nyctaginaceae
          mpwkch                           aizoaceae
          mpwkcj                           didiereaceae
          mpwkcɭ                           cactaceae cactus family
          mpwkcn                           chenopodiaceae
          mpwkcp                           amaranthaceae
          mpwkcps                                Spinacia
          mpwkcpss                                     spinach; Spinacia oleracea
          mpwkcr                           portulacaceae
          mpwkct                           basellaceae
          mpwkcv                           molluginaceae
          mpwkcx                           caryophyllaceae
          mpwkcxd                                Dianthus
Connected classes:
                 sbbɭs                     spinach  ↞ mpwkcpss 

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