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Expanded class mpwdc

    broader class

          mpwdc                      laurales
          mpwdcb                           amborellaceae
          mpwdcc                           trimeniaceae
          mpwdce                           monimiaceae
          mpwdcg                           gomortegaceae
          mpwdci                           calycanthaceae
          mpwdck                           idiospermaceae
          mpwdcɭ                           lauraceae laurel family
          mpwdcɭc                                Cinnamomum including cinnamon, cassia, camphor laurel
          mpwdcɭɭ                                bay laurels; Laurus
          mpwdcɭn                                spicebushes; Lindera
          mpwdcɭp                                avocados; Persea
          mpwdcɭs                                Sassafras
          mpwdcn                           hernandiaceae
Connected classes:
                 rb9sɭ                     bay laurel; sweet bay; Grecian laurel  ↞ mpwdcll 

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