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Expanded class mp7

    broader class

          mp7             plant organ; functional system  [plant morphology]  ≈ DDC 575
          mp79                  plant tissue  [plant anatomy; phytotomy]
          mp79e                      epidermis
          mp79g                      ground tissue
          mp79v                      vascular tissue
          mp79vb                           phloem; bast; liber
          mp79vm                           meristem
          mp79vmc                                vascular cambium
          mp79vmk                                cork cambium
          mp79vx                           xylem
          mp7f                 roots
          mp7g                 stem
          mp7gc                      trunk
          mp7gr                      branches; rami
          mp7grb                           boughs
          mp7grt                           twigs
          mp7ɭ                 leaves
          mp7s                 seeds; fruits
          mp7so                      ovules
          mp7sp                      pericarp
          mp7st                      accessory fruits
          mp7w                 flowers
          mp7wa                      calyx
          mp7wc                      corolla
          mp7wp                      pistil; carpels; gynoecium
          mp7wpo                           ovary
          mp7wpq                           style
          mp7wps                           stigma
          mp7ws                      stamen; stamina; androecium
Connected classes:
                 nyr           forests  ↞ mp76t 
                 nys           savannahs  ↞ mp76r mp76s mp76t 
                 nysw                bushes; scrubs; woods; deciduous tropical forests  ↞ mp76s 
                 nyt           grasslands; prairies  ↞ mp76r 
                 qbd           wood; wooden  ↞ mp7g 
                 qbif                bast fibre; phloem fibre; skin fibre  ↞ mp79vb mpwnfvt 
                 rb9bɭ                     leaf vegetables; leafy greens; salad greens; pot herbs  ↞ mp7l 
                 rb9br                     root vegetables  ↞ mp7f mp7g 
                 rb9c                fruit  ↞ mp7s 
                 rb9vf                     fruit juice  ↞ mp7s 
                 ro59e                     sowing  ↞ mp7s 
                 ro76  [mp7]                of vegetable part
                 roc           wood gathering; collecting  ↞ mp7g 
                 rof           logging; managed forests; woods  [forestry]  ↞ mp7g nyr 

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