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Expanded class jsl

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          jsɭ            lakes; ponds; still water; stagnant water
          jsɭ92k   ⋄                          lakes of Africa
          jsɭab                      pools
          jsɭad                      ponds
          jsɭaɭ                      lakes s.s.
          jsɭb                 tectonic lakes  ↞ it tectonic plates
          jsɭc                 volcanic lakes  ↞ iac 
          jsɭg                 glacial lakes  ↞ jr glaciers
          jsɭi                 fluvial lakes  ↞ jsr rivers
          jsɭib                      oxbow lakes
          jsɭid                      fluviatile dams
          jsɭiɭ                      lateral lakes
          jsɭj                 solution lakes  ↞ fae 
          jsɭɭ                 landslide lakes  ↞ j5rss landslides
          jsɭo                 aeolian lakes  ↞ j3n winds
          jsɭs                 shoreline lakes  ↞ jv shores
          jsɭv                 organic lakes  ↞ m organisms
          jsɭx                 anthropogenic lakes  ↞ u polities
          jsɭy                 meteorite lakes; extraterrestrial impact-crater lakes  ↞ j5b impact events
Connected classes:
                 nyk           lentic ecosystems; slow-moving water  ↞ jsl 

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