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Expanded class ftU

    broader class

          ftU            common proteins
          ftUdWɭ                 enzymes  ↞ ftay 
          ftUd                 oxidoreductases
          ftUf                 transferases
          ftUh                 hydrolases
          ftUi                 lyases
          ftUj                 isomerases
          ftUɭ                 ligases
          ftUmWp                 cell signaling and ligand binding proteins
          ftUm                 transmembrane proteins
          ftUn                 insulin
          ftUo                 antibodies
          ftUp                 haemoglobin
          ftUqWt                 structural proteins  ↞ ftau 
          ftUq                 collagen
          ftUr                 keratin
          ftUs                 myosin
          ftUt                 actin
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