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Expanded class 7

    broader class

          7   [X] part; organ; component
          7(Y)       have as part
          70   [A]      with; made of substance; matter; material; material cause; external system as part
          704   [A]           belonging to; part of whole
          71        span; period; interval
          72        sector; portion  
          73        tie; link; bond
          74   [an89]       integration; consistency
          748   [an89]            continuity
          748c                 discrete
          748y                 continuous
          74b            detached parts
          74c            independent parts
          74f            partially autonomous parts; federated; mechanical
          74m            integrated; emergent
          74u            very integrated; holistic
          75        role; internal function
          76        trait; character
          77        element; subsystem; constituent; material  ↞ aw systems   
          78   [an89]       complexity; degree of organization; structure
          785   [an89]            structure change
          785f                 getting simpler
          785u                 getting complex
          788            made of quantity of elements; pieces
          78f            simple
          78u            complex
          79        special part
          rr90sf(7s)   ⋄                                    shoes  [shoe making]
          sr960rh(7)                                     pharmacies; drugstores; chemists
          u7t(7ci)                           infantry; foot soldiers
          u7u(7c)                      combat roles
          u7u(7f)                      combat support roles
          u7u(7j)                      combat service support roles
          vg90mU(7jb)   ⋄                                    blood associations
          xm7k(7s)                           strings
          xm7n(7m)                           mouthpiece
          xm7n(7r)                           reed
          xm7n(7rg)                                vegetable reed  ↞ mpwb monocotyledons
          xm7n(7rt)                                artificial reed
          xm7nq(7b)                                bag; air reservoir
          xm90t(7t)                                military functions
          y43t(7v)                           state secret prevention of attention  ↞ u7u 
          y6cg(7c)                           magazine columns
          y6cm(7c)                           cover; package; box
          y6cm(7f)                           front page
          y6cm(7h)                           table of contents
          y6cm(7k)                           chapter; section
          y6cm(7n)                           notes
          y6cm(7u)                           appendix; extra; bonus
          y6cm(7w)                           bibliography; references
          y6cm(7x)                           index
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