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hierarchical chain (BT, NT):
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   s   services
   s5p   packaging   ☛

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defined foci:
verbal caption:packaging
synonyms (UF):
description synonyms:
discipline (RT):
semantic factors (RT):
special facets:s [] services
s1 [X] at phase
s167 [j19] in season
s2 [X] in facility
s3 [X] by special tool
s33 [U] provided by worker
s35 [u7] by factor of production
s36 [t7] for customer
s37 [s] using tool
s39 [] system
s4 [X] failure
s5 [] operation
s56 [r5] working by technology
s59 [X] special operation
s5p [] packaging
s6 [X] service property
s69 [] conforming to regulation
s9 [X] service kind
s91 [w1] of period
s92 [uU] of region
s94 [X] dealing with pest
s96 [X] for beneficiary
s98 [X] of kind
s988 [X] of kind measure
uUdl(91px)s [] Basse Normandie
scope note (SN):
ILC2 map:vagx packaging
DDC map:
record updated:2023-01-22 15:57:14

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