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hierarchical chain (BT, NT):
      main classes
   o   agency
   o5e   senses   ☛
   o5ed   sight
   o5ee   electroception
   o5ef   chemical perception
   o5eg   touch
   o5eh   hearing
   o5ej   echolocation
   o5el   pressure detection
   o5em   magnetoception
   o5en   nociception
   o5eo   thermoception
   o5ep   proprioception
   o5eq   equilibrioception

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defined foci:
verbal caption:senses
synonyms (UF):perceptive faculties
description synonyms:
discipline (RT):sensory neuroscience
semantic factors (RT):
special facets:o [] agency
o1 [] behavioural phase
o25 [ny] in environment
o3 [] learning
o31 [o] evolved from ancestral instinct
o36 [mq] interacting with species
o366 [mq6] interacting with animal sex
o367 [m8] to addressee of age class
o38 [o] reacting to other behaviour
o4 [] inhibited by block
o5 [] behavioural mechanism
o5e [] senses
o77 [mq7] with organ
o81 [an] lasting s duration
o848 [an89] redundancy
o88 [an] of bits information content
o9 [] of species
o96 [m9] of sex
o961 [m8] by sender of age class
o97 [m] of species
o98 [os] for function
scope note (SN):
ILC2 map:oas senses
DDC map:
record updated:2021-03-18 16:49:38

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