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hierarchical chain (BT, NT):
      main classes
   h   celestial objects
   hs   planetary satellites   ☛
   hsU   the Moon

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defined foci:
verbal caption:planetary satellites
synonyms (UF):natural satellites; moons
description synonyms:
discipline (RT):
semantic factors (RT):
special facets:h [] celestial objects
h28 [j8] at declination
h282 [an] at distance from Earth light years
h287 [j88] hour angle
h288 [j88] at right ascension
h5 [] motion
h52 [an] orbiting in terrestrial days revolution period
h526 [an] rotating in terrestrial days rotation period
h585 [an] velocity m/s2
h5852 [j7] velocity direction
h5855 [an] acceleration m/s²
h7 [] structural layer
h84 [an] color index
h88 [an] absolute magnitude
h886 [an] apparent magnitude
h9 [X] body kind
h91 [51] evolutionary stage
h92 [h] orbiting central object
hs [] planetary satellites
uUdl(91px)h [] Haute Normandie
scope note (SN):
ILC2 map:hs planetary satellites
DDC map:
record updated:2020-03-04 14:18:35

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