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ILC edition 2
Expanded class ws

    broader class

          ws /wasa/      buildings; edifices  [civil engineering; architecture]  ↞ osc sheltering vs construction   ≈ DDC 720
          ws8r /wasarkɔra/  ⋄                religious buildings
          ws8rt /wasarkɔrata/  ⋄                     church buildings
          ws8ru /wasarkɔru/  ⋄                     mosques
          wsah /wasɛɣa/                handling systems; plumbing  ≈ DDC 690
          wsahc /wasɛɣaʃa/                     climatization
          wsahch /wasɛɣaʃaɣa/                          heating
          wsahcn /wasɛɣaʃana/                          ventilation
          wsahct /wasɛɣaʃata/                          air conditioning
          wsahɭ /wasɛɣala/                     illumination; lighting
          wsahr /wasɛɣara/                     water supply
          wsahs /wasɛɣasa/                     sewage
          wsahw /wasɛɣawa/                     cleaning
          wsb /wasaba/           tents
          wsc /wasaʃa/           houses; homes; residential buildings
          wscc /wasaʃaʃa/                huts
          wscg /wasaʃaga/                bungalows  
          wscj /wasaʃaʒa/                courtyard houses
          wscp /wasaʃapa/                palaces
          wsf /wasafa/           fortifications; castles
          wsp /wasapa/           factories; manufacturing plants
Connected classes:
  ⌕        uatik                     buildings capital  ↞ ws 
  ⌕        vmac                assistance places  ↞ ws 
  ⌕        ww      settlements; localities; populated places  [town planning]  ↞ ws 

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