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ILC edition 2
Expanded class wm

    broader class

          wm /wama/      musical instruments  ↞ xm music
          wmat /wamɛta/                timbres; timbers; sound quality; colour
          wmc /wamaʃa/           idiophones; percussion instruments  ≈ DDC 786
          wmcc /wamaʃaʃa/                vascular structure instruments
          wmccb /wamaʃaʃaba/                     bells
          wmccg /wamaʃaʃaga/                     gongs
          wmci /wamaʃi/                triangles
          wmcɭ /wamaʃala/                xylophones
          wmcr /wamaʃara/                reciprocally struck idiophones
          wmcs /wamaʃasa/                indirectly struck idiophones
          wmd /wamada/           membranophones; drums  ≈ DDC 786
          wmk /wamaka/           cordophones; stringed instruments  ≈ DDC 787
          wmkas /wamakɛsa/                     strings
          wmkc /wamakaʃa/                zithers
          wmkf /wamakafa/                table cordophones
          wmkfp /wamakafapa/                     pianos
          wmkɭ /wamakala/                lutes
          wmkɭg /wamakalaga/                     plucked strings including guitars
          wmkɭs /wamakalasa/                     bowed strings including violins
          wmkp /wamakapa/                harps
          wmn /wamana/           aerophones; woodwinds  ≈ DDC 788
          wmnam /wamanɛma/                     mouthpiece
          wmnar /wamanɛra/                     reed
          wmnarg /wamanɛraga/                          vegetable reed  ↞ mpwb monocotyledons
          wmnart /wamanɛrata/                          artificial reed
          wmnc /wamanaʃa/                straight closed flutes; Pan flutes
          wmnf /wamanafa/                transverse flutes
          wmnm /wamanama/                clarinets; aerophones with simple reed
          wmnmx /wamanamaxa/                     saxophones
          wmno /wamano/                oboes; aerophones with double reed
          wmnq /wamanaca/                bagpipes; aerophones with air reservoir
          wmnqab /wamanacɛba/                          bag; air reservoir
          wmnr /wamanara/                free reed aerophones
          wmnrh /wamanaraɣa/                     harmonicas; mouth-organs
          wmnrw /wamanarawa/                     accordions
          wmnu /wamanu/                mouthpiece aerophones
          wmnuh /wamanuɣa/                     horns
          wmnut /wamanuta/                     trumpets
          wmt /wamata/           electrophones
Connected classes:
  ⌕        vm93  [wmm]                by equipment
  ⌕        vx93  [wmm]                through infrastructure
  ⌕        xm95  [wm]                for instrument

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