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ILC edition 2
Expanded class wk

    broader class

          wk /waka/      weapons  ↞ osgi fight tavaw war   ≈ DDC 683
          wkbWh /wakabawawɣa/           melee weapons
          wkc /wakaʃa/           trauma weapons
          wkcc /wakaʃaʃa/                clubs
          wkce /wakaʃe/                maces
          wke /wake/           pointed weapons
          wkee /wakeje/                spears
          wkep /wakepa/                pikes
          wkg /wakaga/           edged weapons
          wkgd /wakagada/                swords
          wkgk /wakagaka/                fighting knives
          wkgr /wakagara/                daggers
          wki /waki/           siege engines
          wkib /wakiba/                lithobolos; stone trowers
          wkic /wakiʃa/                catapults
          wkict /wakiʃata/                     trebuchets
          wkiɭ /wakila/                ballistas
          wkjWn /wakaʒawawna/           ranged weapons
          wkj /wakaʒa/           bow and arrows  [archery]
          wkɭ /wakala/           blowpipes; blowguns; blow tubes
          wkn /wakana/           guns
          wknɭWn /wakanalawawna/                firearms
          wknɭ /wakanala/                long guns
          wknɭr /wakanalara/                     rifles
          wknm /wakanama/                machine guns
          wknn /wakanana/                handguns
          wknnp /wakananapa/                     pistols
          wknnv /wakananava/                     revolvers
          wknr /wakanara/                artillery guns
          wknrc /wakanaraʃa/                     cannons
          wkp /wakapa/           explosive weapons
          wkpb /wakapaba/                bombs
          wkpbu /wakapabu/                     atomic bombs
          wku /waku/           radiological weapons  ↞ d energy
          wkw /wakawa/           chemical weapons  ↞ f molecules
          wkx /wakaxa/           biological weapons  ↞ l bacteria
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