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ILC edition 2
Expanded class wb

    broader class

          wb /waba/      dishes; prepared food  [gastronomy]  ↞ osk feeding vq cooking   ≈ DDC 641
          wb93 /wabaɲɔɲcɔ/  [vq]                produced through
          wb93m /wabaɲɔɲcɔma/                     smoking; smoked
          wb93r /wabaɲɔɲcɔra/                     roasting; roasted
          wb93s /wabaɲɔɲcɔsa/                     steam; steamed
          wb93y /wabaɲɔɲcɔɟa/                     frying; fried
          wb94X /wabaɲɔŋkɔxaw/                     rotten food; spoiled; unsanitary
          wb99 /wabaɲɔɲɔ/  [wb]                with dressing; condiment; seasoning; flavouring; sauce
          wbb /wababa/           vegetables  ↞ mpao plant organs
          wbb97 /wababaɲɔjɔ/  [mpw]                      plant species
          wbbg /wababaga/                legumes  ↞ mpwrcf fabaceae
          wbbg97 /wababagaɲɔjɔ/  [mpwrcf]                           species
          wbbgb /wababagaba/                     beans  ↞ mpwrcfp beans
          wbbgbg /wababagabaga/                          green beans; French beans; string beans; snap beans; haricots vert
          wbbgp /wababagapa/                     peas  ↞ mpwrcfqp peas
          wbbgs /wababagasa/                     chickpeas; chick peas  ↞ mpwrcfs Cicer
          wbbɭ /wababala/                leaf vegetables; leafy greens; salad greens; pot herbs  ↞ mpaol leaves
          wbbɭc /wababalaʃa/                     cabbage; Brussels sprouts; cauliflower; broccoli; kale  ↞ mpwnpibc cabbages
          wbbɭɭ /wababalala/                     lettuce  ↞ mpwtwcls lettuce
          wbbɭs /wababalasa/                     spinach  ↞ mpwkcpss spinach
          wbbm /wababama/                cucurbits  ↞ mpwnlv cucurbitaceae
          wbbmp /wababamapa/                     pumpkins; squashes; marrows; zucchini; courgettes; gourds  ↞ mpwnlvs squashes
          wbbn /wababana/                eggplants; aubergines; brinjals  ↞ mpwtdhse eggplants
          wbbp /wababapa/                peppers  ↞ mpwtdhp peppers
          wbbr /wababara/                root vegetables  ↞ mpaof roots mpaog stem
          wbbrb /wababaraba/                     bulbs
          wbbrbg /wababarabaga/                          garlic  ↞ mpwberlg garlic
          wbbrbo /wababarabo/                          onions  ↞ mpwberlo onions
          wbbrc /wababaraʃa/                     carrots  ↞ mpwrxpdc carrot
          wbbrm /wababarama/                     maniocs; cassavas; yucas  ↞ mpwrousms cassava
          wbbrp /wababarapa/                     potatoes  ↞ mpwtdhsp potatoes
          wbbrp93y /wababarapaɲɔɲcɔɟa/                                    fried potatoes; chips; French fries
          wbbrs /wababarasa/                     sweet potatoes
          wbbt /wababata/                tomatoes  ↞ mpwtdhst tomatoes
          wbbu /wababu/                edible fungi  ↞ mn fungi
          wbbv /wababava/                table olives  ↞ mpwtoeo olive trees
          wbbw /wababawa/                edible seaweed  ↞ mo red algae mpb chlorophytes mpc charophytes
          wbc /wabaʃa/           fruit  ↞ mpaos seeds
          wbc97 /wabaʃaɲɔjɔ/  [mpw]                      plant species
          wbcb /wabaʃaba/                bananas  ↞ mpwbymk Musa
          wbcc /wabaʃaʃa/                pome fruits
          wbccm /wabaʃaʃama/                     apples  ↞ mpwrbtm apples
          wbccp /wabaʃaʃapa/                     pears  ↞ mpwrbtp pears
          wbcd /wabaʃada/                stone fruits; drupes  ↞ mpwrbtr Prunus
          wbcdc /wabaʃadaʃa/                     peaches; nectarines  ↞ mpwrbtrc peaches
          wbcde /wabaʃade/                     apricots  ↞ mpwrbtre apricots
          wbcdg /wabaʃadaga/                     plums  ↞ mpwrbtrg plums
          wbcdh /wabaʃadaɣa/                     cherries  ↞ mpwrbtrh cherries
          wbcdm /wabaʃadama/                     mangoes  ↞ mpwrupm mango
          wbcg /wabaʃaga/                grapes  ↞ mpwrrvv grapes
          wbci /wabaʃi/                citrus fruits  ↞ mpwruxc Citrus
          wbci97 /wabaʃiɲɔjɔ/  [mpwruxc]                           species
          wbciɭ /wabaʃila/                     lemons  ↞ mpwruxcl lemon trees
          wbcim /wabaʃima/                     mandarin oranges  ↞ mpwruxcm mandarin orange trees
          wbcio /wabaʃio/                     oranges  ↞ mpwruxco sweet orange trees
          wbcip /wabaʃipa/                     grapefruits  ↞ mpwruxcp grapefruit trees
          wbcp /wabaʃapa/                podocarps  ↞ mprppe podocarpaceae
          wbcs /wabaʃasa/                berries; soft fruit
          wbcsb /wabaʃasaba/                     bramble fruits  ↞ mpwrbtd Rubus
          wbcsbb /wabaʃasababa/                          blackberries
          wbcsbr /wabaʃasabara/                          raspberries
          wbcsɭ /wabaʃasala/                     blueberries; Vaccinium
          wbcss /wabaʃasasa/                     strawberries  ↞ mpwrbtf strawberries
          wbcu /wabaʃu/                nuts
          wbcuc /wabaʃuʃa/                     chestnuts  ↞ mpwhufc chestnuts
          wbcuh /wabaʃuɣa/                     hazelnuts  ↞ mpwhuuh hazels
          wbcui /wabaʃui/                     pistachio  ↞ mpwruppv pistachio
          wbcuɭ /wabaʃula/                     walnuts  ↞ mpwhojj walnuts
          wbcum /wabaʃuma/                     almonds  ↞ mpwrbtrb almonds
          wbcup /wabaʃupa/                     peanuts; groundnuts; goobers; monkey nuts  ↞ mpwrcfrp peanut
          wbcus /wabaʃusa/                     cashew nuts  ↞ mpwrupco cashew
          wbcv /wabaʃava/                dried fruit; dry fruit
          wbcv97 /wabaʃavaɲɔjɔ/  [mpw]                           plant species
          wbcvg /wabaʃavaga/                     dried grapes  ↞ mpwrrvv grapes
          wbcx /wabaʃaxa/                fruit preserves
          wbcx97 /wabaʃaxaɲɔjɔ/  [wbc]                          of fruit
          wbcxc /wabaʃaxaʃa/                     conserves; whole fruit jams
          wbcxj /wabaʃaxaʒa/                     jams
          wbcxɭ /wabaʃaxala/                     fruit jellies
          wbd /wabada/           cereal grains  ↞ mpwbtg grasses
          wbde /wabade/                rice  ↞ mpwbtge rice
          wbdm /wabadama/                maize  ↞ mpwbtgm maize
          wbe /wabe/           breads  ↞ mpwbtg grasses
          wbeaɭ /wabeɛla/                     leavened breads
          wbean /wabeɛna/                     unleavened breads
          wbee /wabeje/                yeast breads
          wbeeg /wabejega/                     baguettes
          wbeeɭ /wabejela/                     cottage loaves
          wbeeo /wabejeo/                     boules
          wbeer /wabejera/                     brioches
          wbef /wabefa/                flatbreads
          wbefc /wabefaʃa/                     chapati; roti; safati; shabaati; phulka; roshi
          wbeff /wabefafa/                     focaccia
          wbefi /wabefi/                     pizza
          wbefn /wabefana/                     piadina
          wbefp /wabefapa/                     pita; pitta
          wbei /wabei/                crispy breads
          wbeic /wabeiʃa/                     crackers
          wbeq /wabeca/                quick breads
          wbeqc /wabecaʃa/                     cornbreads
          wbes /wabesa/                sourdoughs
          wbew /wabewa/                sweet breads
          wbewp /wabewapa/                     panettone
          wbf /wabafa/           noodles
          wbfp /wabafapa/                pasta
          wbg /wabaga/           sweets; sweet desserts
          wbgc /wabagaʃa/                cakes
          wbgcb /wabagaʃaba/                     butter cakes
          wbgcf /wabagaʃafa/                     sponge cakes; foam cakes
          wbgcp /wabagaʃapa/                     pancakes; hotcakes; griddlecakes; flapjacks
          wbgcpp /wabagaʃapapa/                          crêpes
          wbge /wabage/                pies
          wbgeav /wabageɛva/                          savory pies
          wbgeaw /wabageɛwa/                          sweet pies
          wbgef /wabagefa/                     filled pies
          wbgeo /wabageo/                     top-crust pies
          wbget /wabageta/                     two-crust pies
          wbgf /wabagafa/                fried dough foods
          wbgi /wabagi/                pastries
          wbgm /wabagama/                meringues
          wbgr /wabagara/                ice creams
          wbgrg /wabagaraga/                     gelato
          wbgrs /wabagarasa/                     sorbets
          wbh /wabaɣa/           honey  ↞ mqriqxx honey bees
          wbi /wabi/           dairy products; milk products; lacticinia  [dairy science]  ↞ mqvt mammals vk animal husbandry   ≈ DDC 637
          wbi97 /wabiɲɔjɔ/  [mqvtuv]                     from milk origin
          wbi97b /wabiɲɔjɔba/                          cattle
          wbi97r /wabiɲɔjɔra/                          goat
          wbi97s /wabiɲɔjɔsa/                          sheep
          wbib /wabiba/                milk
          wbic /wabiʃa/                cream
          wbie /wabie/                soured milk
          wbih /wabiɣa/                cheese
          wbir /wabira/                butter
          wbiy /wabiɟa/                yogurt
          wbj /wabaʒa/           eggs  ↞ mqvo birds
          wbj97 /wabaʒaɲɔjɔ/  [mqvo]                     of bird species
          wbjc /wabaʒaʃa/                chicken eggs  ↞ mqvogslg chickens
          wbm /wabama/           meat and fish  ↞ mqv chordates vbh hunting vk animal husbandry
          wbmf /wabamafa/                seafood; fish and shellfish s.l.  ↞ mqm mollusca mqrh crustaceans mqveWi fish vc fishing
          wbmfb /wabamafaba/                     lobster  ↞ mqrh crustaceans
          wbmfc /wabamafaʃa/                     crayfish; prawns; shrimps  ↞ mqrh crustaceans
          wbmff /wabamafafa/                     finfish; fish s.s.  ↞ mqveWi fish
          wbmff97 /wabamafafaɲɔjɔ/  [mqv]                               of fish species
          wbmfh /wabamafaɣa/                     shellfish s.s.  ↞ mqml bivalves
          wbmfhm /wabamafaɣama/                          mussels
          wbmfo /wabamafo/                     octopus  ↞ mqmpy octopuses
          wbmfq /wabamafaca/                     squids  ↞ mqmps squids
          wbmfr /wabamafara/                     roe; hard roe
          wbmi /wabami/                insect food  ↞ mqr arthropoda
          wbmp /wabamapa/                poultry  ↞ mqvo birds
          wbmpc /wabamapaʃa/                     chicken  ↞ mqvogslg chickens
          wbmt /wabamata/                meat s.s.; mammalian meat  ↞ mqvt mammals
          wbmt97 /wabamataɲɔjɔ/  [mqvt]                          of mammal species
          wbmtb /wabamataba/                     beef; bovine meat  ↞ mqvtuvbt cattle
          wbmtbe /wabamatabe/                          steaks
          wbmtbi /wabamatabi/                          short ribs
          wbmtbj /wabamatabaʒa/                          beef jerky
          wbmtbo /wabamatabo/                          corned beef
          wbmto /wabamato/                     sheep; ovine meat  ↞ mqvtuvsd domestic sheep
          wbmts /wabamatasa/                     pork; swine meat; pig  ↞ mqvtudssd domestic pigs
          wbmtsg /wabamatasaga/                          gammon
          wbmtsh /wabamatasaɣa/                          ham
          wbmtso /wabamataso/                          bacon
          wbmtss /wabamatasasa/                          pork sausages
          wbo /wabo/           cooking oils  ↞ wafo oils
          wbog /waboga/                peanut oil; groundnut oil; arachis oil  ↞ mpwrcfrp peanut
          wboo /wabojo/                olive oil  ↞ mpwtoeo olive trees
          wbop /wabopa/                palm oil  ↞ mpwbp palmae
          wbos /wabosa/                soybean oil  ↞ mpwrcffx soybean
          wbs /wabasa/           seasonings; spices and culinary herbs
          wbsb /wabasaba/                table salt  ↞ ffdd sodium chloride
          wbsg /wabasaga/                garden parsley
          wbsɭ /wabasala/                bay laurel; sweet bay; Grecian laurel  ↞ mpwdcll bay laurels
          wbsm /wabasama/                rosemary
          wbsp /wabasapa/                black pepper
          wbsx /wabasaxa/                spice mixtures
          wbsxc /wabasaxaʃa/                     chili powder
          wbsxh /wabasaxaɣa/                     harissa
          wbsxr /wabasaxara/                     curry powder
          wbu /wabu/           sauces
          wbud /wabuda/                salad dressing
          wbue /wabue/                bechamel; white sauce
          wbuk /wabuka/                ketchup
          wbum /wabuma/                mayonnaise  ↞ wbjc chicken eggs
          wbup /wabupa/                pesto alla genovese
          wbus /wabusa/                soy sauce
          wbut /wabuta/                tomato sauces  ↞ wbbt tomatoes
          wbutr /wabutara/                     arrabbiata sauce
          wbuw /wabuwa/                Worcestershire sauce
          wbv /wabava/           drinks; beverages
          wbvb /wabavaba/                drinking water  ↞ jq aquifers js fresh water systems
          wbvd /wabavada/                soft drinks; carbonated; cool; cold; fizzy drinks; lolly water; pop; seltzer; soda; tonic; mineral
          wbvf /wabavafa/                fruit juice  ↞ mpaos seeds
          wbvf97 /wabavafaɲɔjɔ/  [wbc]                          of fruit
          wbvf97io /wabavafaɲɔjɔio/                                    orange juice
          wbvh /wabavaɣa/                alcoholic drinks  ↞ fibc ethanol
          wbvhb /wabavaɣaba/                     beers  ↞ mpwbtg grasses
          wbvhbg /wabavaɣabaga/                          lager beers
          wbvhbgɭ /wabavaɣabagala/                               pale lager beers
          wbvhbgɭp /wabavaɣabagalapa/                                    pilsner beers; pilsener; pils
          wbvhbgm /wabavaɣabagama/                               amber lager beers
          wbvhbgr /wabavaɣabagara/                               dark lager beers
          wbvhbo /wabavaɣabo/                          top-fermented beers
          wbvhbop /wabavaɣabopa/                               pale ale beers
          wbvhbor /wabavaɣabora/                               brown ale beers
          wbvhbos /wabavaɣabosa/                               stout beers
          wbvhbow /wabavaɣabowa/                               wheat beers
          wbvhbowe /wabavaɣabowe/                                    Weissbier
          wbvhbowi /wabavaɣabowi/                                    Witbier
          wbvhbowɭ /wabavaɣabowala/                                    lambic beers
          wbvhbowr /wabavaɣabowara/                                    Berliner Weisse beer
          wbvhbows /wabavaɣabowasa/                                    Gose beers
          wbvhbv /wabavaɣabava/                          fruit and vegetable beers  ↞ wbb vegetables wbc fruit
          wbvhc /wabavaɣaʃa/                     cider; cyder  ↞ wbc fruit
          wbvhi /wabavaɣi/                     wines  ↞ mpwrrvv grapes
          wbvhias /wabavaɣiɛsa/                               sparkling wines including champagne, cava, prosecco, spumante
          wbvhid /wabavaɣida/                          red wines
          wbvhif /wabavaɣifa/                          rosé wines
          wbvhii /wabavaɣiji/                          white wines
          wbvhiic /wabavaɣijiʃa/                               chardonnay
          wbvhiig /wabavaɣijiga/                               sauvignon
          wbvhiii /wabavaɣijiji/                               riesling
          wbvhiip /wabavaɣijipa/                               pinot noir
          wbvhiit /wabavaɣijita/                               tokay
          wbvhik /wabavaɣika/                          sake  ↞ mpwbtge rice
          wbvhiu /wabavaɣiu/                          fruit wines
          wbvhiw /wabavaɣiwa/                          fortified wines
          wbvhiwp /wabavaɣiwapa/                               port
          wbvhiws /wabavaɣiwasa/                               sherry
          wbvhiwv /wabavaɣiwava/                               vermouth
          wbvhm /wabavaɣama/                     meads  ↞ wbh honey
          wbvhp /wabavaɣapa/                     pulque  ↞ mpwbe asparagales
          wbvhs /wabavaɣasa/                     spirits; liquors; distilled drinks
          wbvhsd /wabavaɣasada/                          vodka
          wbvhsg /wabavaɣasaga/                          gin
          wbvhsh /wabavaɣasaɣa/                          whisky; whiskey
          wbvhsr /wabavaɣasara/                          rectified spirit
          wbvs /wabavasa/                stimulant drinks
          wbvse /wabavase/                     tea  ↞ mpwndhcs tea plant
          wbvsɭ /wabavasala/                     cola  ↞ mpwnfkk kola nuts
          wbvst /wabavasata/                     coffee  ↞ mpwtrrc coffee plants
          wbvsu /wabavasu/                     guarana
Connected classes:
  ⌕        vk99  [wb]                producing animal food
  ⌕        vq97  [wb]                with ingredient
  ⌕        vq99  [wb]                preparing dish; food
  ⌕        vtb           food and beverage processing; food manufacturing; technology  ↞ vq wb 
  ⌕        wb99  [wb]                with dressing; condiment; seasoning; flavouring; sauce
  ⌕        wbcx97  [wbc]                          of fruit
  ⌕        wbum                mayonnaise  ↞ wbjc 
  ⌕        wbut                tomato sauces  ↞ wbbt 
  ⌕        wbvf97  [wbc]                          of fruit
  ⌕        wbvhbv                          fruit and vegetable beers  ↞ wbb wbc 
  ⌕        wbvhc                     cider; cyder  ↞ wbc 
  ⌕        wbvhm                     meads  ↞ wbh 
  ⌕        wi      pots; vessels; containers  ↞ wb 
  ⌕        widd                drinkware; beverageware; cups; drinking vessels  ↞ wbv 

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