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ILC edition 2
Expanded class vmar

    broader class

          vmar /vamɛra/                therapies; healing; treatments; assistance  ↞ bp processes   ≈ DDC 617
          vmarc /vamɛraʃa/                     medical advice; consultation
          vmare /vamɛre/                     physical exercise prescription
          vmaref /vamɛrefa/                          flexibility exercises
          vmarefs /vamɛrefasa/                               stretching
          vmarei /vamɛrei/                          aerobic exercises
          vmareik /vamɛreika/                               walking  ↞ omk terrestrial locomotion
          vmareir /vamɛreira/                               running
          vmareirj /vamɛreiraʒa/                                    jogging
          vmaren /vamɛrena/                          anaerobic exercises
          vmarene /vamɛrene/                               weight training
          vmarens /vamɛrenasa/                               sprinting
          vmarg /vamɛraga/                     massage; rubdown
          vmaro /vamɛro/                     diet prescription
          vmarp /vamɛrapa/                     drug administering; pharmacological therapy  [pharmacology]
          vmarpc /vamɛrapaʃa/                          oral intake; consumption
          vmarph /vamɛrapaɣa/                          suppository insertion
          vmarpi /vamɛrapi/                          injection; shot; hype
          vmars /vamɛrasa/                     surgery
Connected classes:
  ⌕        vm95  [vmar]                through healing; therapy

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